Aug 15 2011 8:20am

Dirty Dancing, Bridget Jones, etc. Returning to Big Screens: Make the Madness Stop!

A while back, we talked about Footloose being remade. Then news came that Dirty Dancing was being rebooted. Bridget Jones is making a third return to the screen. And now? Now Austin Powers will be back for the fourth time, it was just announced.

Okay. We get it; popular movies from the past can do well again if they’re remade. And again, we get it. It’s probably easier to sell a tried-and-true idea in Hollywood than one that’s out-of-the-box zany.

Fine. But if you’re remaking, why not take a film that wasn’t a huge success, that fell short of its potential and remake that one to fulfill its original scope and vision? Instead of remaking one that was perfect as it was (no, not Footloose, but Dirty Dancing and the first Bridget Jones movies were pretty darn perfect).

So based on that, what film(s) would you like to see remade?

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Anna Bowling
1. AnnaBowling
Honestly? Can't think of a one at the moment. I'd rather see new productions. The extant ones are what they are and I'm fine with that, usually.

Hm, though I am looking forward to the Baz Luhrmann production of The Great Gatsby. Does that count?
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@AnnaBowling, I think The Great Gatsby is a really good example. Maybe Alice in Wonderland? I thought that one was creepy. Van Helsing failed, despite Hugh Jackman, maybe that one? OH! And speaking of Jackman, Wolverine was a dreadful mess. I'd like to see Wolverine's story told right one of these days.
Brittany Melson
3. BrittanyMelson
I thought the second Bridget Jones movie couldn't compare to the first, so I'm really skeptical about how a third movie will do. Will they have kids, maybe, or get married? I'll watch it, of course, but I'm prepared to be disappointed. Speaking of remakes, I recently saw Arthur, and I personally thought it was much better than the original. The woman he's supposed to marry is more sinister, and the woman he loves is more sympathetic. I really understood why Arthur behaved the way he did better than in the original.
Cynthia Netherton
4. Cynthia aka Artemis
Eeewwww... I didn't like the first Dirty Dancing. I heard a bit about Footloose being remade. Now, that might not be too bad. It all depends on who plays the bad boy. Not some pretty boy from whatever TV program everyone watches now. Okay, let's beat a dead horse called Austin Powers. Frankly, I don't like remakes. It must have an absolutely, fanfreaking cast to get me to watch it. As for JD starring in Dark Shadows, spare me. I'm afraid that will be ruined too.
5. wsl0612
I would love a remake of Romancing the Stone! I never found Michael Douglas to be attractive so that's always been the one downer part of the movie, but the rest of it is awesome!
6. CindyS
We actually went to the movies and saw Cowboys and Aliens which was just a fun movie although not a comedy. Anyways, I saw the trailer for Footloose and it's the dancing that is insane and the reason I'll watch it. I've always had a soft spot for dancing (won't watch those dance shows on TV though) so I don't mind the re-makes but, Footloose the first time was a bit of a stretch in plot - if they keep it, no kids will understand.

Hmm, I'm not sure I want to see what would be considered Dirty Dancing today.

I've heard Die Hard 5 will come out - Bruce Willis is just yummy so I'm there. We saw the preview for Mission Impossible 100 or something like that and even though Tom Cruise is in it, we'll still watch. There are a few I'm really surprised by but they sound good.

Charli Mac
7. CharliMac
Someone please put Baby back in the corner. Please! There will never be another Patrick Swayze and therefore the movie has already failed, IMO.

I loved the book the Great Gatsby and Robert Redford was the epitome of Gatsby, IMO. That shall be tough to pull off. Even for Leo. And it's in 3D. Is that really necessary?

Austin and Bridget will be on the Netflix que.
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