Aug 9 2011 5:37pm

Lover Reborn’s Tohrment, Damon Salvatore, Superman, and More Dark-Haired, Blue-Eyed Hotties!

Ian Somerhalder as Damon SalvatoreWhen it comes to gorgeous heroes, the combination of black hair and blue eyes is lethal. Black and blue; the startling contrast between the dark, dark hair and the piercing blue eyes can leave you breathless. And does, frequently—at Team H&H, that is.

About a month ago, there were sightings of a leaked cover for J.R. Ward’s next release, Lover Reborn, which features Tohrment (Lover Reborn is released in March 2012). The cover isn’t final, and wasn’t confirmed, and if you look for it, you’ll see why: The hero has light hair. In the book, Tohrment has black hair and “navy blue eyes.” So, inspired by our musings, Team H&H has assembled some real life Black and Blues for your delectation. Enjoy!

Feel free to add your own fave B&B in comments!

Richard Armitage


Patrick Dempsey


Daniel Radcliffe


Christopher Reeve as Superman


Brandon Routh as Superman


Tom Welling as Superman


Henry Cavill as the Up-and-Coming Man of Steel


Adrian Grenier


John Stamos


Chris Pine


Jesus Navas


Jonathan Rhys Meyers

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
I hate to rain on this parade, but I gotta say, I am so not feeling Henry Cavill (and I never liked Patrick Dempsey particularly, but that's old news. And Rhys Meyers's mouth is too mushy). The rest? Yay. But the top two--Somerhalder and Armitage--are my favorites.
Susanna Fraser
2. Susanna Fraser
If I can go Old School, Pierce Brosnan was my first black-haired, blue-eyed crush. Mmm, Remington Steele...
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
@MFrampton -- It's unfortunate Superman'll be British rather than American, but I gotta say, I think Cavill will be hottt in the role. You know they'll darken the hair and make sure his eyes are blue blue. I'm not a big fan of Rhys Meyers's either, I admit--but methinks Streanor will greatly appreciate his presence.

(((Damon Salvatore)))

And for Tara: (((Lee Adama)))
4. bittybun
My personal favorite is David Gandy. He is soooo sexy.
Pamela Webb-Elliott
5. Spaz
Oh hai there Ian Sommerhalder, you so purty :P
6. Vassiliki
They are all beautiful. Henry Cavill and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are divine. I have to agree with Susanna and vote for Pierce Brosnan. And I must point out my first ever black hair, blue eyed crush was on young John Travolta.
7. synde korman
ha ha megan I saw Richard at the top of the list and knew you had something to do with this...
Carmen Pinzon
8. bungluna
I'll go further back and say that Paul Newman, circa "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" is the prime black and blue hottie. On a more contemporary vain, Matt Bomer ain't too shaby either.
9. ChelseaMueller
Ian Somerhalder, Richard Armitage and Henry Cavill (especially during his days as Charles Brandon on The Tudors) -- and I'm undone. *swoon*

@SpazP You read my mind.

Starting to think this might just be eye candy day on H&H. (Not complaining.)
10. Heather Calaway
Black hair and blue eyes are definitely my favorite combo. Too bad I never dated one. LOL Ian Somerhalder is a dream come true. You've done well in your selections. Thank you for the eye candy. Michael Fassbender changes his hair color, but in the show Hex he was smokin hot!
11. tlmfarmgirl
I think Adam Levine would be a perfect Tohr!!

Otherwise Ian and Chris are my favs from the list :)
Clare 2e
12. clare2e
Regardless of hair color, Newman's eyes were spectacular. And yes, Pierce Brosnan, for sure. I may even have (ahem) mentioned him, and Tom Selleck for the brawny stash fans.
13. slyn
Add Pierce Brosnan to the list for sure. You had some of my favs listed - Henry Cavil, John Stamos (my childhood love), and Ian Somerhalder.
14. evie73
jim caviezel is a dark haired blue eyed heartthrob very yummy :)
Jami Gold
15. jamigold
*swoon* Dark hair and blue eyes is definitely my weakness. If I didn't stop myself, every male character in my stories would have those characteristics (hero, villain, and secondary character alike). Thanks for the inspiration!
Jamie Farnik
16. JamieMF
Oh, this is so my favorite kind of man-dark hair and blue eyes are so mmmmm! But you left off two of the best: Rufus Sewell and Hugh Dancy-and they both have British accents to boot! *swoon* As a sci-fi/fantasy fangirl, it pleases me to see how many of these beautiful guys are from spec fic franchises: Star Trek, Superman, HP, Lost/Vampire Diaries...yay! And even though I'm more of a Batman fangirl when it comes to the comics, the actors who've played Supes definitely bring the pretty to the yard.
17. jfree
Ian Somerhalder is the ONLY in this group who could be Torhment.
18. Ronykay
Black and Blue are my favorites!! (and I'm clearly not alone)

Here are some others:
Gerard Butler
Robert Pattinson
Clive Owen

I love Richard Armitage and I do think Ian Somerhalder would be great because he is just so pretty.
19. Juleebabee
Unfortunately, Ronykay, Gerard Butler has green eyes - not blue. He's still dreamy tho.. :-P

I think another to add to this list is Matt Bomer. He's so deliciously good looking and I actually think he'd make a better superman than Cavill. Google image him and you'll see. lol..he even rocks the "clark kent-like" glasses! So hot, that man.

OH..and thanks for the pic of Ian. ^__^
Nichole Hemker
20. coley88
I'd like to add,
Matt Bomer from White Collar to this list. His hair is brown but his eyes are dreamy and that smile, oh swoon every dang time!
21. Jennifer E
I had one of those in high school...sigh.
I'm for Ian Somerhalder in anything (or nothing!), but Daniel Radcliffe does open up some interesting possibilities.
Traci Parrott
22. reject
Day late and a dollar short, but I'm casting a vote for Gerard Butler. Hello, the brothers are big bastards...300, Gamer, Law Abiding Citizen? Just sayin'.
Denise Z
23. DeniseZ
I never really thought of Daniel Radclif as a hottie, but he certainly seems to be growing up :)
24. Giana
My 2 faves are Ian Somerhalder and Tom Welling. And to Coley88, YES add Matt Bomer to that list.
25. Diane Stewart
Richard Armitage would be my fave, but as a lover of Spanish football, I'm stunned and pleased that Jesus Navas is on this list! La Liga is full of gorgeous young guys, and footballers have the best bodies in the world. All European football teams have the most interesting mix of players from various countries in all sorts of ethnic mixes. Lots of light eyes and dark hair.
Iza Brekilien
26. RedIza
Ian Somerhalder.... drooling sigh (it can be done).
And Henry Cavill, and yes, especially during his Tudor days...
More drooling...
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