Aug 12 2011 6:03pm

Lines from J.R. Ward’s Envy

Envy by J.R. WardEnvy, the third book in J.R. Ward’s other series, the Fallen Angels, will be released on September 6, and Ward’s Facebook page is offering spoiler-y teasers from the book.

First lines from Envy:

It was in the spring, on a dark April evening, when Detective Thomas DelVecchio Jr. learned that nightmares could in fact make the jump out of the mind and into real life.
Unfortunately for him, it wasn’t exactly a news flash.

Somewhere in the middle, presumably:

“The devil... made me... do it...”
“And she can keep you,” Ad growled—before he stabbed the harpy right between the eyes.

And the last two lines of Envy:

One last kiss... and then just like that, they were out the door... And off into their future.

Ward has also posted a video about Envy. Are you a Fallen Angels fan as well as a BDB fan?

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1. Darlynne
I keep hoping that this series will click with me and I keep buying the books, but my heart isn't in it as it once might have been. As someone who's been a squeeing fangirl of the BDB since Wrath first showed up in September 2005, I still haven't recovered from the disappointment of Lover Unleashed. It may be the library for the newest angel installment for me.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@Darlynne, I read the series, but it's always going to be the other series. I'm intrigued to see how she ramps up the inevitable conflict, though.
S Tieh
3. infinitieh
Rhevenge, of course, is part of the BDB series and I'm specifically referring to the cover of LOVER AVENGED with Paul Marron's mesmerizing stare.
S Tieh
4. infinitieh
Did my previous comment disappear? (about Paul Marron being on the covers, so far, of the Fallen Angels series)
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