Aug 24 2011 6:00pm

Karen Marie Moning’s Fever Series Heads to Hollywood; How Will Jericho Z. Barrons Handle the Bright Lights?

Shadowfever by Karen Marie MoningOver the weekend, Karen Marie Moning announced that her Fever series—with the initimable Jericho Z. Barrons as its “hero”—had been optioned for a film at Dreamworks.

The series’s heroine, MacKayla Lane, heads to Ireland from her native Georgia when her sister is murdered there. Mac is blonde, pretty, likes hot cars and cute boys. So when she encounters all sorts of things from the dark supernatural side, it’s definitely a culture clash.

Even before the series was optioned, people were fantasy casting who would play JZB, with the current top contenders being Joe Manganiello and Jason Momoa. Alexander Skarsgard has been offered up as the blond Death-by-Sex Fae, V’lane.

Joe ManganielloHere’s Mac’s impression of Jericho:

“He studied me with his predator’s gaze, assessing me from head to toe. I studied him back. He didn’t just occupy space; he saturated it. The room was full of books before, now it was full of him. About thirty, six foot two or three, he had dark hair, golden skin, and dark eyes. His features were strong, chiseled. I couldn’t pinpoint his nationality any more than I could his accent; some kind of European crossed with Old World Mediterranean or maybe an ancestor with dark Gypsy blood.”

And on the other side, the light to Barrons’s dark, is V’lane:

Alexander SkarsgardV’lane looks like an avenging angel, charging down from heaven to set my world back on its axis and clean this whole mess up. Radiant, golden and mesmerizing, he leads an army of angels.

Tall, gracefully muscled, they stand shoulder to shoulder with him, filling the street. Stunning, velvety-skinned, dusted with gold, they are so chillingly exquisite that I have a hard time looking at them...They are otherworldly, divine.

Okay, those suggestions are no-brainers. Move away from the obvious for a minute and ask yourself: Who would you cast as Jericho and V’lane?


Megan Frampton is the Community Manager, Romance, for the HeroesandHeartbreakers site. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband and son, and when she’s fantasy-casting for her fictional bed, Barrons is at the top of the list.

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Karen Davidge
1. KDavidge
Dear God...Momoa is the only choice to play Barrons. Ms Moning described him to a T in Macs quote you posted.....
2. Callysta
Afraid to comment, last time I was deleted : (
I think Jason Momoa as JZB and Josh Holloway as Vlane.
3. BevQB
Moning has said that Eric Etebari from Witchblade was/is her inspiration for JZB. So knowing that, it's hard to say that someone else would be a better casting choice since she knows who/what she saw when she created him.

Nonetheless, Momoa would be one hella choice for MY vision of JZB- he's got the look and the intensity I invisioned; although Manganiello wouldn't be bad either, although I think he'd have to work harder to get past his nice-guy looks.

Alexander Skarsgard as V'Lane? Mmmm... maybe. But I invision V'Lane with more of an otherworldy or alien beauty.
4. Kimstew
I agree, Jason Momoa would be perfect for the role of Barrons. Exactly the look I pictured in my head when reading the books.
5. DawnC
Jason Momoa first pick definitely for Barrons...Alexander Skarsgard PERFECT for V'lane! If I had to pick someone else for Barrons...hmmm maybe Colin Farrell although I don't know if he's big enough. I agree with the other poster, Joe Manganiello looks too sweet. Barrons has to have a dark side, and look!
7. nessahoover
I picture Jason Momoa as Ryodan, David Gandy as Barrons, Alexander Skarsgard as V'Lane, and Brittany Snow as Mac
8. Haaken
Alexander Skarsgard is just perfect for V'lane ! If I had to choice between Joe Manganiello and Jason Momoa, I would pick Joe Manganiello
, I think...
9. ChelseaMueller
Two people have already suggested my first thoughts:

If I'm going with the not-obvious choice, then I can kind of see Colin Farrell as Barrons. He's too short, etc., but he pulls off arrogance and sexiness really well.

Also, I tend to think of Jason Momoa more as Ryodan. (High five to @nessahoover)

...and I think no one is surprised I can picture ASkars as V'lane. Sex-by-death = ASkars. Yes.
10. tyreka
Gaspard Ulliel was the only man i pictured while reading the entire series... I'm up for other options but NOT Jason and Nooo for Joe. Steven Rosa Marcel Verbrugghe has the look i think should play V'Lane. NO WAIT, GABRIEL AUBREY HAS TO BE V'LANE!!! X^) Ummm...Hayden Panettierre, Amber Heard, Katie Cassidy(i've seen her fighting scenes on Supernatural && they're good), Allison Mack, I've picture them && liked some more than others for the role, BUT what about the girl chosen to model for Mac (on those official Mac pages) ??? Anyone know her name and whether or not she can act ??? She's a new face ^_^
Danielle Monsch
11. DanielleMonsch
I loved Eric Etebari in Witchblade! I'm so happy I wasn't the only one swooning over Ian Nottingham!
rachel sternberg
12. rae70
Hayden is too short and bobble-headed for Mac.. someone a little more tallish and willowy (i see a younger version of nicole kidman) to play her and her sister.. Jason M. would be great as Ryodan and I just looked up Eric and he isn't bad to look at either, now just to hear his voice (cuz for Barrons-it has to be awesome!)
13. clt
Dominic Purcell would make a great Jericho Barrens.
Danisha Turner
14. booksaplenty
I think Mark Strong should be cast for JZB cause he has an arrogant air about him the would be perfect for the role.
15. Grace Boockholdt
Skarsgard is nice to look at...but he can't act. SO disappointed in his depiction of Eric in the Sookie Stackhouse series (but then again--they screwed up that series entirely anyway). I always pictured Jason Lewis as V'Lane. Eric Etebari is perfect looks-wise as Barrons but now I've been spoiled by listening to Phil Gigante in the audio books. If Eric had Phil's voice...that would be perfection. Jason Momoa...yeah baby! David Gandy--wow! Keep 'em comin'--(and I gotta find a bib now).
Louise Partain
16. Louise321
I agree with Grace. Jason Lewis has the perfect avenging angel warrior look dusted with gold. Eric Etebari likewise, but I'm sorry, I just can't get into Jason Momoa.
17. Van
I think Kevin Durand with black hair (Legion, the movie) would be great as JZB, he's defintely tall and big enough haha.
Traci Parrott
18. reject
Karl Urban if you can't do Jason Momoa as JZB (but after watching the Game of Thrones I'm thinking, yeah, Jason). Gabriel Soto for V'lane.
19. cal
Jason Momoa would make a good Barrons (he definitely still has one foot in the swamp). As would Joe Manganiello. As for V'lane, I wonder if, with a little movie magic, it would be possible to make Marcus Schenkenberg look like he did during his Calvin Klein days. Don't know if he can act, but check out his V'laneness from those ads. (
20. hammey49
I like Gerard Butler or Mark Strong as JZB. Definitely Alexander Skarsgard as V'lane. I don't care if he can't act- definitely pleasing on my eyes.
21. JenCarty
Jericho=Eduardo Verastegui (the gypsy lover from Jennifer Lopez's Ain't it funny video clip.) No doubt.
22. Shalyn McHart
Richard Armitage would make a great JZB!
23. Kamara
That is a HORRIBLE picture of Joe M. Get something better, please. Joe looks uber hot now, with facial hair, in True Blood. I say Joe or Gerard for Barrons.
I cannot see Momoa playing the part. Sorry.
Alexander is a great actor and has done many more projects than just True Blood - I think he makes a superb Eric. So he gets my vote for V'Lane. Josh Holloway was another interesting suggestion - I would love to see Josh in that part.
Yeah, there are a lot of good looking models you could throw in there but get real actors.
Anyone expecting the movie (or even a TV series) to be an exact perfect replica of the book is going to be sorely disappointed.
Things always get changed, you have to be ready to roll with it.
24. mare
Maybe showing my age but i see Daniel Craig (Bond) as Barron; and the unbelievably mesmerizing Brad Pitt as V'lane. I would consider Gerard as Barron also.
25. martyc
I've only ever seen Eric Etabari when envisioning Barron ... and agree/think that Brad Pitt would make a superb V'lane!
26. kingraham321
I say Eduardo Verastegui as Barrons...

27. 'Galyn'
I think for Barrons- either: Daniel Craig (darken his hair), Gerry Butler, or Hugh Jackman. For V'lane- IF he could/can really act- Gabriel Aubrey, or some Hottie UK blond actor,lol.
For Mac L.- tough call....possibly IF she could really find her inner kick butt tough girl-Kaley Cuoco. They really do need to make sure Mac DOES keep her Southern accent too if a movie were made.
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
28. tnh
Galyn -- Please, no color, no boldface. Your words are fine just as they are.
Joy Barnes
29. joybarnes
I think Collin Ferrell or Jake Gyllenhaal for Barrows and Jason Lewis or Jessie Pavelka as V'Lane.
30. columbia_f
I agree with clt Dominic Purcell would be a great Jericho and Chris Hemsworth would be my pick for V'lane. No one can tell me they didn't get all sweaty watching Thor! as for Mac i Don't know Kristen Bell mabey ? She doesn't seem like she would be tall enough though
31. JuggsMcgee
I don't know i kinda want a new face for Barrons cause i think this character is amazing and to me the most important/difficult one to try and portray(i guess upto my standards cause just thinking about him makes my everything onto the big screen. I think it would be nice to see someone new step into the scene playing this character cause in my eyes Jerricho Barrons is legendary! ;)
32. HB
Yes. Yes Yes!!! Jason Momoa as Barrons and the beautiful Holloway for V'lane. Perfect picks!!
33. hb
Chris Hemsworth is worthy of V'lane also!!!
34. OkieDiva
Momoa as Barrons. 6'5", 220# of pure man. No pretty boy oiled skin and pouty lips for this man! When Mac describes meeting Barrons the first time, it's Jason Momoa that I see.

He wasn't handsomeThat was too calm a word. He was intensely masculine. He was sexual. He attracted. There was an omnipresent carnality about him, in his dark eyes, in his full mouth, in the way he stood. He was the kind of man I wouldn’t flirt with in a million years.

Moning, Karen Marie (2006-10-31). Darkfever: The Fever Series (p. 38). Delacorte Press. Kindle Edition.
JD Conti
35. Wanda43
I must agree w "juggs mcgee" I think some fresh faces would be best. I also hope that KMM has a lot more say than Ms. Harris did; I think Hollywood destroyed the Sookie series w it's uber poor casting and wild departures from the storyline. There are a lot of very tasty European and Aussie men out there that would fit the JZB and V'lane roles perfectly. We just need to stop looking at the same ole' same ole' and branch out. I also hope that they make each book a separate movie (if not 2) as there is so much material in each.
36. Callysta
I still stand by my Jason for JZB, and Josh for V`lane.
Gandy and Skarsgard both skeeve me out, yuk. And I don`t like Bell
as Mac at all, Pink Mac...yeah, not Black Mac.
37. Amanda Johnson
Momoa= Barrons. No other options in my book. No sure about Mac. Hillary Duff? Jessica Alba?
38. vhilton4000
Gerald Butler
Eric Etarbi
David Gandy
39. EdieC
My 1st choice for Barrons is Victor Webster. Barrons needs to be tall. Jason Momoa is my 2nd choice. I do like. Katie Cassidy for Mac. She is a great ctress & can pull off both blonde & dark haired Mac.
40. HannahLC
I know I'm late to the party...bit I've just devoured this series and pictured Joe M. As Barrons right from the beginning. Jason Momoa certainly fits the bill as well! I would like to see Mac as a break out unknown...this is the type of series that could make a career and someone frah would be ideal. I agree this needs to be 4 movies...and really hope given the length of time it's been out there for that it isn't dead!
41. Alexandria MacKinlay
I feel kinda frustrated with everyone who keeps suggesting exceedingly white MENU
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as JZB... Jericho is described as dark pict and basque, dark gypsy European.... Jason Momoa is the closest I think we can get since he is a mix of Somoan Hawaiian descent on his father's side and Irish,German,Native American on his mother's side. He literally fits the body, skin and hair color description of Barrons to a T. I can also see him as Ry too tho. But everyone here suggesting typically white actors... you are whitewashing badly... just sayin. He's a man described as one foot in the swamp. He needs to have a slightly dark skinned archaic look... just my two cents. I'm so afraid oif they take this series and try to do movies, they'll ruin it... better as a tv series on stars or Showtime or something.
42. Alexandria MacKinlay
so uhhhhhh I don't know what the feck happened with my comment there but please disregard the random article about weed???lol oops. Here is my actual comment:
I feel kinda frustrated with everyone who keeps suggesting exceedingly white actors as JZB... Jericho is described as dark pict and basque, dark gypsy European.... Jason Momoa is the closest I think we can get since he is a mix of Somoan Hawaiian descent on his father's side and Irish,German,Native American on his mother's side. He literally fits the body, skin and hair color description of Barrons to a T. The only thing is I don't think his eyes are dark brown but whatev... I can also see him as Ry too tho. But everyone here suggesting typically white actors... you are whitewashing badly... just sayin. He's a man described as one foot in the swamp. He needs to have a slightly dark skinned archaic look... just my two cents. I'm so afraid oif they take this series and try to do movies, they'll ruin it... better as a tv series on stars or Showtime or something.
43. nihcki
4 years and still no movie in sight. Any actual updates on this becoming a reality?
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