Aug 23 2011 8:14am

Jude Deveraux’s No Cher: Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves

The first question I’d ask is, “Why don’t you give up after, say, the first ten million dollars?” But once you’re sucked into something, it’s probably hard to stop, especially when you think the stakes are so high.

A family of fortune tellers (and yes, they’re actual gypsies—way to refute stereotypes, guys!) have just been arrested for bilking people out of $40 million dollars, and one of those people—who makes up half of the money the fortune tellers got, that’s $20 million dollars—is reportedly Jude Deveraux, whose 8 year-old son was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2005. The fortune teller reportedly told Deveraux that her son was “somewhere between heaven and hell.”

I know where I’d like those scam artists to end up, and it’s not “somewhere between heaven and hell.”

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Brittany Melson
1. BrittanyMelson
It's always sad to see somebody who is emotionally vulnerable taken advantage of. And to imply that her son's spirit wasn't at peace was just so wrong. The swindlers also give a really bad name to legitimate mediums who want to help people.
Colleen Thompson
2. Colleen Thompson
That's just heartbreaking. So cruel!!!
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