Aug 8 2011 8:51am

Jason Momoa as Shirtless Conan

Jason Momoa as Conan the BarbarianSome mornings, you are able to wax brilliantly over some piece of obscure content that relates to romance novels, or love, or books. Other mornings, you settle on googling items such as “Brad Pitt Body” or “Takeshi Kaneshiro” or “shirtless Thor.”

Guess what kind of morning this was?

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Grace S
1. Grace S
I'm so with you. I am forking over $$$ to see Conan for the sheer pleasure of watching Jason Momoa grunt wearing leather. Also, I am done with Game of Thrones unless there is a miraculous Khal Drogo resurrection because I have no other reason compelling enough for me to watch it. :)
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
Grace, the movie opens on my birthday, and my husband has promised to take me that day. Yay!
I love GoT still, but I will miss the kohled Khal.
Grace S
3. Mary Quast
I agree... actually think he's hotter than Arnold was in Conan years ago. Can't wait to see it!
Grace S
4. tresa
I agree with Grace, could not believe they killed him off !! Saw the original Conan and will go see this just because of Jason Momoa
Donna Cummings
5. Donna Cummings
I was pretty sure I liked this pic the first time I saw it today, but decided I better get a second opinion. Yep. Still like it. LOL
Pamela Webb-Elliott
6. Spaz
Jason Momoa has been my summer obsession in the hunk department. He is one perfectly fine mofo! I, too, shall be going to see Conan in the theater tyvm :P He is a beautyful male.
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