Aug 18 2011 9:16am

Handsome is as Handsome Does—or More Likely, Does Nothing

Gabriel AubryThis might explain a lot: New research, cited in Time Magazine, finds that people with “symmetrical facial features”—i.e. are gorgeous—are more likely to be selfish and are less likely to cooperate with others. 

So all those ’I deserve to have the heroine because I am smokin’ hot, no female has ever denied me’ heroes? Based in reality, apparently. And because it’s a romance novel, and fiction, it’s only when they can become less selfish that they deserve the heroine’s love.

In real life, would you be able to resist someone as beautiful as Johnny Depp, James Franco, or Takeshi Kaneshiro? Even if it meant dealing with his selfishness?

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Lesli Lytle
1. Lesli Lytle
So now, could all those anti-alpha women please SHUT UP?! Thank you.
Lesli Lytle
2. Grace S
I'd want to see the study, which is probably inherently flawed. Are they selfish and less cooperative, or do people always give them want they want and cater to them from childhood on because they are beautiful? Do they simply expect to get what they want because they have always been made to feel special? I have a good friend who is stunning. Stop traffic, men and women just stare at her type of gorgeous. She could have bluebirds helping her dress in the morning if she was so inclined. She is warm, charming, funny and smart. She cannot get a date because men assume she's already taken, wouldn't date them, and so on. Women tend to be cold to her because she sucks all male attention to her without trying and they resent it. Having said all that, none of the people you mentioned do a thing for me. That pic of Gabriel Aubry, though? HAWT. He is off the charts gorgeous and pics of him with his daughter always make me go "awwww".
Pamela Webb-Elliott
3. Spaz
NO! Selfishness is so ugly, it would completely turn me off from the hero's beauty. Ugh I can't stand watching a beautiful man saying something really stupid, or do something like not leaving a tip. I will walk away. Well at least I will the next morning *wink*
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