Aug 12 2011 8:19am

Elements of the Ridiculous? Bridget Jones Part 3

Who can forget “There are elements of the ridiculous about you”?

News out of Hollywood this morning is that Bridget Jones will return in a third installment of the franchise. Colin Firth spilled some details about a possible plot in an interview last year: “I can tell you that Bridget and Mark can’t have children, I think that’s the way it goes on. So then she makes the huge mistake of going back to Daniel Cleaver [Hugh Grant’s character] for long enough to get pregnant. And I think he dumps her, and she’s left stranded, and guess who comes back to rescue her?”

Do you want to see Bridget married and cheating?

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K.M. Jackson
1. kwanawrites
Though I would pay to see Colin in just about anything I don’t want to see Bridget cheating on him. Married trying to have kids, sure and with Colin, even more fun. But going back to Daniel is just stupid. Don’t know how they could sell that. Let’s hope Colin is pulling our leg on the story line.
Jess W.
2. Jess W. thanks. Although didn't the original "diary entries" that were published sort of follow this type of storyline? I don't know, I like happy endings, and cheating and going back and forth between 2 guys, not very happy to me.
Jess W.
3. ksb36
Just...don't. The last movie was an abomination. They need to stop while we all have fond memories of the first one--the best romantic comedy of the millennium, IMHO.
4. EvangelineHolland
@JessW You are right (Fielding temporarily revived the column a few years ago), which is why I'm surprised they have greenlit a third movie in the series. The backlash Fielding received was considerable...but I guess now that Hollywood only cares for superhero franchises, Apatow bromances, remakes, and sequels, they couldn't care less about the public's reaction to the story in BJ3.
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