Aug 10 2011 4:04pm

Dating Dresden: Why Harry Dresden Would Make a Great Boyfriend

Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden

Jim Butcher’s Ghost Story (the 13th in the Dresden Files) has toppled George R.R. Martin’s A Dance with Dragons from the top spot of the hardcover fiction bestselling list this week, and while Dresden figures out how to deal with being non-corporeal, we thought we’d make a list of why Harry would be a great boyfriend:

1) He’s loyal, usually to a fault.
2) He’s smart. And a smart-ass.
3) He can do hella magic.
4) He’s got powerful friends.
5) He wears a long leather duster. Which means he always looks cool.
6) He likes women. He loves women. He likes the way they look, and appreciates how they make him feel.
7) He’s tall. Tall is good.
8) All of his family is gone*, so he’s free to accompany you home for every holiday.
9) He’s good-looking, but not so good-looking you’ll be paranoid about other women around him (not like, say, his half-brother Thomas).
10) You will never have to worry about outliving him, ‘cause he’s a wizard, and wizards age slower.

And why he might not be such a good catch:

1) He doesn’t have anywhere to live, not since vampires torched his apartment.
2) Wherever he goes there’s danger. One of his three paramours died (at his hands, it must be noted).
3) He’s got pets—an enormous dog and an enormous cat. They’re not super-shary animals, either.
4) Two of the three women in his life only got involved with him under the influence of external magic.
5) He’s got a mad crush on Karrin Murphy, and you won’t be able to compete with her smart, ass-kicking ways.
6) He eats poorly; his favorite restaurant is Burger King.
7) Because of his past romantic failures, he has issues with commitment.
8) He doesn’t have steady work, and therefore no steady pay.
9) Because of his wizardry, he’ll wreak havoc on all your technology. In other words, no iPad.
10) He’ll likely always win an argument and/or a trivia contest, because he’s really smart and knows pop culture way, way better than you do.

*Family he would theoretically want or be able to see on holidays, that is.

What characters from books that aren’t standard romance would make good BF material?

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1. jsmom2
I love Harry. He is my very favorite very tall Wizard. I would date him in a minute in fictionlandia...

minor observations :)

2. Dangerous men are hot

3. Mouse and Mister are absolutely reasons to date him, they may not be super-shary but they are dedicated to Harry and each other. They're really good judges of character and they love him.

4. I thought his most recent relationship was the only externally manipulated paramour. With the others, one was his first love and it was honest, although Justin pushed her into bad stuff towards the end. The reporter wanted a story. Don't mean to by cryptic - trying to avoid spoilers for you all :)

5. He loves, respects and admires Karrin, to include his understanding of why they may not go anywhere. Harry's woman would have to respect that friendship and trust that Harry would never cheat - because he wouldn't. Karrin could be a valuable friend and ally to Harry's woman.

7. I don't know that it's a fear of commitment as much as a fear of bad stuff happening to her - - he would love to be an honest member of a real family.

8. Harry is a Warden of the White Council. It's the steadiest work he's had since SI cut him loose.

9. Yep, this is by far the worst one - no hot water?? seriously? big decision, here...

you're pretty spot on otherwise, nice job
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@jsmom2: Thanks for the comments! For #4, again without being too spoiler-y, I thought that the Justin sitch was manipulated from the beginning? I probably misread, but Justin wanted to make that relationship happen. And in Changes, didn't he and Karrin finally admit they might have something? Er, right before something huge happened? and yes, he's probably scared that the people he loves will get hurt, because they always do. You're totally right.

I'd date him in a heartbeat too, because you can tell he's a total romantic.
3. Harry Dresden


I'm going to share this with my friends, see what they have to say.
4. Harry Dresden
Oh, uh, @HarriedWizard is me on Twitter, by the way. And I don't have an issue with commitment.

Per se.
5. RachelG
Yeah, but you never show up for dates. It's always "I'm fighting nasties" or "I've just been shot!" One could argue that's a commitment problem, even if you mean well. Plus, the technology thing would get old.

Megan is definitely right about the loyal, powerful, and tall parts, though. And I agree that Mouse and Mister are plusses. :) So overall, I think you win.
6. jsmom2
@MFrampton - wow, it honestly never ocurred to me that Justin would have manipulated them to be together although he was certainly capable of it; I got the impression it was more proximity, hormones and loneliness.

yea, you're right that he and Karrin had a moment there that may or may not have led to something more. But their friendship is so important to both of them and they were so wrung out and running on fumes that I wonder if it would have gone anywhere... I'm so curious to see how that plays out.

thanks so much for this post :) I just love that Harry gets his props, too

ha! no way Harry could keep a twitter account going... it would totally wig out in a matter of days? hours? something like that...
7. Harry Dresden
Harry has help. (And needs it, talking about himself in the third person like this.)

For the more complex stuff, I have Bob, who has way more access to the interweb things than I realized until very recently. For the Twitter thing (damn, I hate that name) I have some anti-hex mojo going, along with suppression spells, occasionally Will and Georgia helping. I've only blown up, uh, four of the smart cellular phones thus far. Not too shabby.
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