Aug 25 2011 8:25am

By George, I Think They’ve Got It! Colin Firth and Carey Mulligan to Star in My Fair Lady?

Colin Firth and Carey Mulligan

Now this is a remake we might be able to get behind: According to recent news reports, “Colin Firth has reportedly expressed a wish to star opposite Carey Mulligan in My Fair Lady.”

Emma Thompson has written the screenplay, and Mulligan reportedly beat Keira Knightley out for the part of Eliza Doolittle. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but wouldn’t it be cool to see Firth coaching Mulligan?

Now repeat after me: “The rain in Spain falls mainly in the plain.”

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Gretchen Galway
1. Gretchen Galway
Oh, oh, oh. Yes. Please. Emma Thompson, too?

Oh! I'm there.
Gretchen Galway
3. Tahlia
This sounds great! Sooooo relieved that Kiera Knightly won't be Eliza! But I hope this isn't a musical because I have serious doubts in Colin Firth's singing abilities after watching The Importance of Being Earnest. :-P Not that Higgins really has to sing very much, so perhaps it would be okay.
Gretchen Galway
4. Santa-smbslt
I never thought Rex Harrison was a great singer either but he did pull off the role brilliantly. I think Colin is a great choice for it - because he's Colin. I'd love to see who they cast as Eliza's father - Craig Ferguson (hmm) or Geoffry Hughes (Onslow from Keeping Up Appearances) would be grand. And how about John Barrowman as Freddie? Cor, wo'dn't it be loverly?
Louise Partain
5. Louise321
I really hope Carey can sing. It was a big dissappointment for me when Audrey Hepburn was chosen over Julie Andrews for the first film of this classic Broadway hit. (Yes, I am old enough to remember and care!) I only find one mention of her singing in her bio. Please don't let it be a lip synq!

I loved Rex Harrison and I love Colin Firth. Harrison had played other misogynists and played this one with aplumb. I wonder if Colin can do the same? It certainly would be another tour de force for an actor who has made a name for such performances. And he does have an oddly sweet voice if the Mama Mia vocals were actually his. As mentioned above a strong vocal is not required since these vocals require a talk sing fast patter almost rap (not) and certainly rant which Lerner and Lowe employed more than once -- see Camelot.
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