Aug 26 2011 8:06am

“Apollo’s Belt,” or the Polykleitos Girdle

Yesterday’s True Blood Booty Call: Alexander Skarsgard Nude post raised an interesting question that neither I, nor Chelsea Mueller, the post’s author, could answer:

What do you call those delicious hip bone juts that are the male equivalent of side-boob?

So, since we know just what to do in times of emergency information required situations, we turned to Twitter. And author Isobel Carr provided the answer:

“In art it’s called the Polykleitos girdle (after the Greek sculptor).”

Another quick search reveals it is also called “Apollo’s Belt,” and “Adonis Belt.” Now we will no longer be at a loss when describing some of our favorite parts of True Blood. Or Battlestar Galactica. Or the mancheese viewing of your choice.

So now in addition to being your favorite romance site, we can also be your favorite educational site.

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Grace S
1. Grace S
I call it "yummy" or "lickable" if pressed. :)
Darlene Marshall
3. DarleneMarshall
This is clearly going to demand more research.

Which is what I love about this job...

Later, ladies.
Grace S
6. Annabel Joseph
LMAO at cum gutters!

I think they might also be known, anatomy wise, as iliac furrows? Not totally sure of that, but...

They are one of my favorite parts of a man.
S Tieh
7. infinitieh
I've been calling it Apollo's belt and iliac furrow. Yum.....
Grace S
8. SaraLindsey
I've heard them called divets. Urban dictionary also has sexbones, dips, hip dips... There's been some creative naming in recent years. ;)
Grace S
9. Margaret Ethridge
Hipbone of Glory is my term of choice. Of course, when caught ogling Jaci Burton's covers, I told my hubby he had a Hipbone of Honorable Mention. The things we do for love...
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