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True Blood Season 4, Episode 3: Gone Too Far?

True Blood Season 4Episode 3 blurb (As many ****SPOILERS**** as there are shirtless men. In other words, a lot):

Eric and Sookie work out an agreement while Bill renders advice and guidance to Jessica. Meanwhile, Jason becomes the hero and Tommy, once again, becomes estranged from Sam. Pam instructs Lafayette that if demands aren’t met, retaliation may be in order. Marnie sets out to give her new powers a try. Eric upsets a get-together.

I seemed to be thinking and saying out loud “that was f***ed up” a lot this episode—and not necessarily in a good way.

Eric and Sookie in True BloodEpisode 3 starts off funny enough with Eric in a daze all cute and boylike following Sookie back to her house, accidentally calling her Snookie (which almost made me pee, btw), but it kind of goes downhill from there.

So Eric has lost the memories of who he is and that he’s suppose to be “stupid powerful.” And it’s funny to see him like this. At first you’re like: Eric’s ticklish! Eric apologized! But then Pam shows up and crashes the mood because for some reason she’s scared shitless that the Coven that made him lose his memory will be coming for him.

Pam demands that Sookie look after him and hide him until is he well again. She even goes so far as to theorize that maybe Bill sent Eric to the Coven purposefully, knowing full well this would happen. I dunno, Pam isn’t a conspiracy theorist, and all this jumping to conclusions is not typical of her aloof personality. I think maybe she’s looking for a way out of running Fangtasia if you ask me. Maybe run off to South America with the hot Latin guy whose neck she’s suckin? Hmm? Hmm?

Alcide in True BloodSookie somehow decides that it’ll be a good idea to ask Alcide if he will hide Eric for her, so she drives to Shreveport to his house, and he answers the door “God damn!” My sentiments exactly, lover. All flannel and scruff… ok, ok, focus! I’m not really sure what the point of driving to Shreveport to have their conversation was, unless she’s missed her wolf as much as we have, because she leaves in less than five minutes and says, “this is not your problem.” Well, then why’d you come in the first place? Unless it was just to make yourself jealous since him and Debbie are back together. Yes, women everywhere are shedding a tear that Alcide is off the market. :sniffle sniffle:

Eric killed Sookie’s godmother at the end of the episode and the whole scene was pretty lame. So there he is draining the life out of her, slowly making her turn into her true self (ugly troll person) and Sookie’s just standing there saying “Eric. Eric, stop.” {notice that there are no exclamation points there… that was purposeful} She didn’t really seem like she cared at all about what Eric was doing to the faery. Hope Sookie’s smart enough to keep the knowledge of what Eric is now capable of to herself… although I highly doubt it.

The members of the Coven are trying to figure out their next move after Eric’s attack, and even though Lafayette is scared to death he wants to go and confront Eric to leave them alone. I’m confused, why would he EVER return to Fangtasia? For anything?! Someone couldn’t MAKE me go back to a place where I was tortured for days, and Lafayette ends up going there willingly. And what happens to him? He winds up in the cellar. Again! Luckily, Jesus shows up at Merlotte’s (in his nurse whites again, might I add) and grabs Tara, and they go rescue him by promising to bring Pam the person that made Eric forget everything about himself. I’m sorry, Jesus is cute and all, but why is Lafayette allowing these situations to happen to him? No amount of lovin’ is worth that drama.

Jessica in True BloodJessica feels real awful about drinking from that fangbanger last week, and she needs some sound advice. So she goes to her sire/father Bill. Oh yeah, because he always seems to make the right decisions. The whole scene felt weird. Especially after Bill says “If you love them, you tell the truth. Period.” Pretty sure I blew the loudest raspberry ever after that statement. But it must have worked because Jessica goes home to tell Hoyt. I was starting to respect her for having the courage to come clean, but after realizing that he wasn’t just going to forgive her so easily she ends up glamorizing him to forget everything.

If anyone out there started a Demon Baby drinking game, you have to drink for 38.4 secs, the length of the ONE scene this storyline took up. Or you have to take three shots; the number of times the baby actually shows up on camera. This plot continues to hold the “why the hell is this a sub plot” award this season.

Bill and Miss Bellefleur are having a nice, cordial working dinner until she explains to him that she would like to “add sex to their relationship.” As clinically as she explains the pros and cons to moving their relationship further, there’s nothing impersonal about their love scene. As much as I hate to admit it, they’ve got passion. The scene was hot. Made me rethink the true meaning behind “rocking” chair.

Andy Bellefleur in True BloodSpeaking of the Bellefleurs, Andy has taken the term “roid-ing” to a whole new level. He’s sitting in his car trying to abstain from taking any more V, and I was actually pulling for the guy. But then he can’t stop himself. And Sam comes up to the car, almost catching him in the act and he flips out. Gets out of the car all meathead-y and ends up taking a swing at Sam. Sam ducks out of the punch, but on the come back, Andy pulls out a freakin’ gun! Sheriff has gone crazy.

This episode confirms that Tommy is in fact living with Ms Fortenberry. She’s teaching him how to read {from the HSN feed prompter, I might add…that cracked me up}, and making him call her ’Mom.’ I was starting to like Tommy. I actually thought after pouring his heart out to Sam in the last episode that he was beginning to be different. PFFT...First chance he got, he tried to weasel Ms. Fortenberry out of her natural gas shares when someone comes talking money about what the property is worth. I give up on that kid.

A lot of this episode was about Crystal and her bat-shit-crazy hillbilly family. We get a rather disgusting campfire scene with the eldest hillbilly explaining the family origin, while everyone else indulges in chowing down on some kind of rodent. Throughout the episode Crystal continues to display how absolutely insane she really is as she talks about all the babies Jason is going to bring “them.” I didn’t realize at the time how ominous that word was. But you understand at the end of the episode.

Crystal and Jason in True BloodCrystal pumps Jason full of Mexican Viagra and he wakes up from a half conscious state to Crystal riding him. He’s screaming and telling her that she’s the worst thing that ever happened to him. The scene was sickening. It gets worse when the camera pans out to see the rest of the women and girls forming a line for their “stud” as Jason’s tormented screams continue in the background. I may make a funny play on the word STUD because, let’s face it, Jason is pretty studly, but rape is rape. This scene affected me. Big time.

So I have to ask, do you think the scene went too far? Or did the show do its job, because of the fact that I was so affected?


Jessica Turner reviews Urban Fantasy, Paranormal and Sc-Fi Romances on her site The Spinecracker and is a trained chef who lives in San Diego with her very Irish husband.

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Tara B
1. box5angel
One little teeny, tiny mention of Tara. I read that she had a scene with Sam (I'm a huge Tara/Sam shipper) , and I was expecting to read about it in this review. I can't watch TB this season, so I read reviews to get my fix so to speak. Oh, well! I should be used to Tara getting short-changed anyway.
Jessica Turner
2. TheSpinecracker
@box5: There WAS a Tara and Sam scene that lasted less than a minute. nothing really to report. They don't talk about anything, and she DEF doesn't tell him anything about herself now... they get interupted by Jesus. It was a tease scene.

What can I say, the scene wasn't interesting enough to make the final cut. Maybe next week?
For the most part, I liked the Eric storyline, especially the 'Snooki' flub but some things seem to be getting rushed (like killing Claudine). As for everything else, meh, I could do without all the other storylines. I may be participating in the "Demon baby drinking game" next week, though, to make the episode flow smoother :-)
Charisse Greene
4. seeagreene
This is why I don't like the series. The books have much better story lines; the TV show has really twisted them. I might have enjoyed the TV shows more if I hadn't read the books.
5. jderucki
seegreene - I tend to agree that I sometimes wish I hadn't read the books before watching the show. I have had to train myself to think of them as totally unrelated! I def have my favorite story lines from the books - amnesia Eric being one of them - so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. So far Alan Ball & HBO have taken my favorite parts and twisted them so completely I barely recognize them. Not to be a spoiler for those who haven't read the books, but WHERE IS QUINN? If there are to be no weretigers, then could they at least make Alcide pack alpha? Something needs to be right with the world. :)
P J Scalf
6. everpj
I gave up on True Blood at the end of season 3 when it became clear they are NOT even attempting to follow the books; which by the by are so much better. I'm sticking with the books. HBO's True Blood can go fall into a very dark, very deep hole.
7. my2cents
I've read all the books and I really liked them. I've also seen all the True Blood episodes and even in the first season I realized that, while it may have been inspired by the book series, the TV series has become its own separate story and I don't expect them to coincide except incidentally at this point. In fact, there are a lot of things that I like about the TV series that are different -- keeping the Lafayette character instead of killing him off for example.
I agree that this last scene with Jason was a bit intense, but no more so than last season with Bill & Lorena murdering a couple, drinking and spilling blood everywhere and rolling around in it in the bed - that was disgusting! That's the interesting thing about the show - it's shocking and pushes boundaries but because the characters are mostly fantasy creatures it's easy to remember that it is all just an entertaining story, nothing to get too wound up about.
8. Eliza Maza
I haven't read any of the books, and feel the show has started to go downhill after season 2. I no longer enjoy it as I did in the beginning. Now they've added so many characters as well as changing the base core of who the original characters were to the point that they're not even the same anymore. Now they just go for the shock / awe value instead of intelligent storylines. I'm only watching with the hopes that it gets better.
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