Jul 26 2011 2:16pm

The Men of True Blood: Round 2, Eric vs. Alcide

Eric and Alcide in True BloodOver the weekend, we asked you to weigh in on which True Blood hottie floated your boat the most. We pitted Bill versus Eric and Sam versus Alcide.

And now we come to Round 2, where we ask you to make a final vote on who’s the guy you most like to see wandering around shirtless on Sunday evenings.

Eric or Alcide? It’s like Scylla and Charybdis, only there’s no downside to choosing either one.

So—who do you choose?

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K.M. Jackson
1. kwanawrites
I'm going Team Eric. I know he will be back to normal and out of that stupid frat boy wear he's been donning soon (seriously, hoodies and basketball shorts?) and we'll be back in love. Now I'll love him even more if he can just get over this pesky Sookie thing.
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
Eric! I saw ASkars (from afar, but still) at Comic-Con and he's even hotter in person.
carol lambeth
3. lairdutemp
I love both of these guys such a hard decision to make but I'll have to go with Eric
Lori Vargas Agnew
4. Lilcrowgifts
Eric, the other guys are ok but Eric is the one True Blood . He doesn't have to be shirt less, but it sure is nice I'm not complaining !
5. Sapphire
This one was hard. I'll vote Eric tho.
6. timussk
Another vote for Eric... SOOOOO jealous of you redline!
Heather Waters
7. HeatherWaters
@timussk -- Don't be! I was very jealous of the people who went up to the stage after the panel to get autographs. As you can imagine, the True Blood actors got the rock star treatment, and they were cool enough to stick around on stage for a while to pose for pictures and sign for people. They were the only cast (that I saw, anyway) to do that.
9. Smash Attack
Ok, Eric is delicious. I get it, won't deny it. But in my eyes, Alcide is head of the pack. *howls*
11. lapointe20js
Oh my goodness gracious.....how does a girl pick between those 2 hotties.
But Eric is still the one for me....but I really want to be greedy and take them both
12. sweetiepiepen
I'm Team Eric in the books but if we're voting on the show...I gotta go with Alcide! Just by a slim margin, though.
Tara Lynn Mosby
13. TLMosby
I like Eric, I do, but Alcide...the tall, dark, hotness...sigh...definite vote for Alcide.
14. lanchid
Alcide. Seriously, have you seen his chest?!?!?
Charli Mac
15. CharliMac
ALCIDE! I want a loyal pooch who can take long walks on the beach, watch the sunrise or sunset, and is warm blooded on chilly nights.


Go Team Alcide!
16. Grace S
Alcide, all day, every day.

Eric is pale and kinda scrawny compared to the tall, ripped and gloriously tanned all over werewolf. So much yummy under Alcide's flannel!
17. Sandi J
I love a complex male character, so ERIC. Sigh!
A.J. Wilson
18. AJWilson
@Grace - Pale and scrawny vs. ripped, oh so delicious, and tanned?

Alcide all the way!
21. Simi's Acra
Def Eric but better with the long hair
22. ChelseaMueller
As tempting as that scene when we all learned Alcide goes commando was, I'm Team Eric. I was all swoony for him even before the drool-worthy Alexander Skarsgard became my visual for him.

There's a brutal honesty about him. Plus, you know, "gracious plenty."
Courtney Cole
24. CourtneyCole
I love Eric, but Alcide... YUM. My vote is Alcide for the sheer hotness factor. :)
25. NikkiD
Charli Mac I laughed out load. loyal pooch. It is tough Eric or Alcide. Eric appears to be very loyal to those he cares about. We're not talking about that personality traits. I am undecided. Eric is the boy you will always think about forever and would probably drop everything when he came calling but Alcide is the one to be with. He is an Adonis, no doubt plus Italian!! Did you see his GQ spread? but terrible choice in ladies, Debbie really? after everything? No ex-girlfriend drama with Eric just have to deal with Pam and she is cool. I agree with Lilcrowgifts- Eric doesn't need to be shirtless to be hot!
AMW Wilkins
26. Poligirl25
Eric..all day, any day, every damn day of the week, lol! I prefer him to Alcide in every category: looks, personality, talent, confidence, charisma. Plus, I can't get over the fact Alcide is supposed to be this big, brawny, wearwolf, yet he waxes his chest.

Laughing at Eric being called "pale and anemic". Pale, I'll give you because....vampire, but anemic??? Just because a guy is built more like a swimmer or soccer player doesn't mean he's anemic -- far from it, IMO.
Charli Mac
27. CharliMac
I officially claim Nikki D's comment as a vote for Alcide. Just to be clear.
Belinda Bullock
28. bellie7
ALCIDE! Love him, want him. Alcide, I wanna do bad things with you!
30. Roslyn666
Definitely Eric! I love the whole package, and he doesn't wax his chest.
Kate Nagy
33. Kate Nagy
Does Alcide ever wear a shirt? Like, ever? Funerals? Snowstorms? Restaurants with signs that say "No Shirt/No Shoes/No Service?" Seriously, I'm not sure I've ever actually witnessed Manganiello wearing anything but a pendant above the waist.

This is not a complaint, by the way.

Anyway, although I've never actually seen the show (OH THE HERESY), I've -- ahem-- researched the topic of Eric v. Alcide exhaustively and I'm going to have to go with The Shirtless Wonder. Alexander Skarsgard does nothing for me...but on second thought, perhaps a little more, um, "research" is required now...
34. BevQB
ALCIDE can growl in my ear any day.
35. Ashley S.
No contest. Eric Northman.
36. tarfrimmer
Doesn't matter what he's wearing or not wearing, I'd most definitely choose Eric!

By the way, I think Eric/Alex looks much nicer than that photoshopped pic of him up there...
37. Shortstopmommy
Eric, hands down. Alcide is a splendid backup, however. Wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating kibble.
39. Ash
Definietly Eric... people only like Alcide because of his abs, tbh.
41. Miep
Eric + whatever you want

And also, that picture is not Alexander Skarsgard, that's a photoshopped picture. There's lots of real photos of him shirtless to choose from.
42. ilovevampires
Alcide is hot, but I prefer men who have brains.

I vote for Eric Northman!
43. Lauralynn
Team Eric - Always & forever!!! :)
46. amanda zappola
Eric Northman. Hands down.
47. Afropunkchic
Scrawny, please wipe the cold out your eyes, clearly he is lean and very toned. Your eyes must be deceiving you! Eric muthaf*ckin' Northman all day baby!
Kiersten Hallie Krum
51. Kiersten
Eric= fiendish vampire who will eat you to death and not in the good way.
Alcide=ripped, loyal, hot, faithful, mouthwatering body, reliable.

I like Eric a lot; I dig a smart ass. But Alcide walks on screen and I start unzipping my pants.

Alcide FTW. Duh.
52. Cassandra Carr
Alcide. The combo of hotness and niceness is lethal for me.
53. @codenamepandora
This is a tough one. Just love them both, but Alcide makes me DROOL. If I could only see one shirtless it would just have to be Alcide for sure.
54. Alcide Herveaux
Eric would vote for himself. I guess since it's night time he could finally join us. I've been watching all day ladies. Grr back at ya'll.

Since the shallow Mr. Northman decided to weigh in I guess I will too.

I vote for me, Alcide. Available all DAY and night. ;)
55. Trish
Fans myself..... Alcide baby! I have to rub those washboard abs!
56. Hot Mama
These hot flashes are not menopause but from Alcide's paws! Dear Lord, what a heapin' hunk of burnin' love.
58. Alexia
Eric is way hotter! I wish you would have used a real pic of Eric and not this photo shopped one, that's not his body!
59. Lafayette
Eric Hookahs, please. He will f-you then drain you. You can keep that Sh*t.

You know I gots to get me some of that Alcide. Damn he fine!

I'll do Alcide everyday and twice on Sunday!
60. Coki
Both are hot :3, but if there is something people can't deny...is Eric is the hottest character on true blood.
So, my vote goes for Mr. Eric Northman.
61. Miros
Obviously, Eric!!!!
He is so charmed, handsome, and has a wonderful body.... and more adjectives, if i put it all, i'll never finish!!!
Alcide, has a muscular body, that's all!!!!
Team Eric Northman!!! 4ever!!!
ALCIDE!!!!! Eric/Alex is sooo scrawny. From what everyone is sayin' that pic up there ain't real.
63. Paddy
Loyal as they come, and HOT blooded!

Alcide :-P
65. Erin Nicole
Team Eric. Definitely.
67. Diane 313
Alcide is so hot! I vote for him. :)
69. Not Sally
Well, Eric ic hot but cold at the same time.

I like'em hot. Alcide, hands down.
70. Joe Jello
Joe Jello

Joe Manganiello, IS Joe Jelloo BABY, yeh ha
71. JeanneL
Eric Northman. Alcide is kind of nice to look at but that's about it. Eric has the personality and the swagger, and he has the looks. Yeah, he may not be massively muscled like Alcide but he's still smoking hot.
72. Rori 44
Alcide is super loyal. Eric, not so much.

73. TAK
I am a dog lover.

I am a lover of men.

Alcide is both.

Alcide. Alcide. Alcide.
74. Mama Leona
I love a man with a tan. Alcide is tan. :)
75. Lady Lynch
Alcide is the only choice.
Nicole Noffsinger
76. nikkitrueblue@hotmail.com
AWWW man this is sooo not fair! ugh..it's like M&M's-you can't just have one! However I will say that I hate that Eric's hair is short. He looked way more hotter with longer hair-but Alcide...omg what a yummy delicacy he is! OMG! Still can't pick between them though.
77. viggolover1
I like them tall, blond and smart. So my vote goes to Eric "the viking" Northman.
Erica Hayes
79. ericah
Hmm. Alcide is a handsome lad, but I've gotta vote for Eric. For me it's a vampire over a werewolf any day. Eric is lean, beautiful and dangerous, and he exudes that icy-yet-smokin' vibe...

Then again, given the choice, I'd take Franklin in a heartbeat :) I guess I'm weird like that...
81. Hestia
It will always be Eric especially on True Blood
83. Vero
Eric. Hands down. There is no contest when you're talking about a 1000 year old Viking. Memories or not, his personality beats Alcide's anyday and his body... while pale, I'd definitely prefer. Who needs bulging muscles that look unreal?
87. Ladybelletrist
Eric is saucy and sexy. Team Eric all the way. When everyone had given up hope on Sookie, Eric believed that Sookie would return! I vote for Eric!
Jean Geisheker
88. jemage
I agree with some of the comments above....if we're going by the books: Eric...but if it's strictly based on the TV show: Alcide. :)
89. Cassandra Hernandez
Eric he's so sweet, smooth, and beautiful.
90. Debbie Bussie
It's Alcide ALL the way!!
91. Cyn
I LOVE Eric but the guy with the sexiest body is Alcide. HOWLLLLLLLL
92. bookish37
Lord, yes Alcide. Every time he takes his shirt off I have to fan myself and have a drink of water.

93. pitterpatter
Alcide is the best!
94. WickedGirl
I was finding it impossible to choose. So, I simply tried to imagine myself in the sack with each one. Alcide wins.
96. Angela S
Alcide...every single time!
97. Joani S
Looking at those pics makes it hard to pick just the one, but I'm Team Eric all the way!!
Kimberley Coover
98. KimberleyC
great pics, hard choice - but I am Team ALCIDE all the way...hot blooded, wild with a sexy cajun drawl...ooooeeee picture me in luv! LOL
100. celticdva
I have to admit, that because of my response to the books I always favored Eric over Bill. As much as I respect and love the whole cast, I had to persuade myself that Eric was "the man". When he chopped his locks off last season persuasion didn't enter into it...I was hooked. Then entered Alcide the man of my dreams. Alcide is more than welcome to take off more than just his shirt off for me any day of the week, day or night. Too bad Eric can't say as much, but he makes for a great backup PNR character!
101. HerveauxsNo1Heaux
Team Alcide from the books! And def Team Alcide on the show!
Aliza Mann
102. AlizaMann
Vote number 102 for my man Eric. He's still a hot piece of man candy!
104. Annie Weeds
I love the whole, who could I imagine myself inthe sac with .... definitely ALCIDE!
105. Renne B
Its like Team Edward Team Jacob all over again ... the pasties against the tanned, muscled HOTTER men. Team Alcide ladies, all the way!
107. Dan Long
wow . . . charli wasn't kidding, never seen so many posts on here before. But i got to go with my girl.

His bare chest gets me every time.

108. Sammy D
I'm doing this for my girl A.J. a.k.a Jodie, and I agree with Charli, Alcide is way, way, WAY sexier than Eric, everytime ladies. Plus, he kinda looks like my man. Drool, I know right?
109. Mary FitzGerald
Obviously, without question


110. Janet Wilson-McLean
I'm on the Charli train, ready to catch the ALCIDE train
112. Desiree7391
Alcide all the way! Don't get me wrong, love Eric too, but I have a soft spot for werewolves. :)
113. Jjbc
Alcide is a clone of all the rest of the body building actors in the business. You've seen one you've see them all. Alex/Eric is something special that just comes along every once in awhile. My vote as always has to be Eric.
114. Jessesgirl
All body and no substance does not do it for me. Any brawney actor could play Alcide as well and I think even better then the Joe guy. No one else could ever do Eric the way Alex plays him, he just really gets the characters he plays. Alex is an extraordinary actor and a really decent person who seems not to take himself too seriously like so many other actors do.
115. Fan_forever
The picture you used of Alex is not his body, he actually has a much nicer body. He is a real man with body hair. As dark as Joe is I'm sure he grows body hair but chooses to remove it. Give me the real man every time and it's not Alcide.
116. Sunshine66
Eric Eric he's our man if he can't do it no one can
117. Gypseygirl
Eric has my heart and my vote.
118. Slyn
Alcide! I don't see the appeal physically or emotionally of Eric.
121. Rockerchick
It will always be Eric for me
122. Youhavemyheart
There is now one out there as special as Eric. Erick all the way
123. romance_junkie_82
Team Alcide! Especially when he's taking his clothes off in broad daylight! Yummy ;p
124. Saltylittlefrenchfry
Of course Eric. Any brawny actor could play Alcide and the women who only see a man as a body and a halfway attractive face would vote for him. Only Alex could do Eric right and what contributes to his hotness is his humility, his expressive eyes, his angelic voice, and his acting ability.
125. Asfandancer
I am an Eric fan to the death he will always have my heart.
Gail Siuba
126. gsryley
My vote is for Alcide. I like them both, but I like the dark looks of
127. Littlebitofheavon
I love his face, I love his eyes, I love his smile, I love his voice. Oh my I love everything about Eric.
128. ER
Alcide has a nice body, but Eric for me has it all...looks, brains, charm, and most of all I love his sense of humor. Plus, you gotta love a man that knows how to treat his lover right! Team Eric all the way!
129. Joyb
Eric all the way. He and Pam are the only characters in TB who could not be replaced by another actor. They own their parts.
130. Nikita
in person he is JUST as beautiful!!!
131. Laura Vivoni
Eric all the way!!! ;)
132. Joylvsajhs
I loved Eric from the start and will love him to the bitter end. Eric all the way
134. Joysfave
If you have to continuously parade around shirtless showing off your brawn it usually means that is your only talent. Eric has it all, a good body, but not to the point of being narcissistic about it, as well as the fact that he is loaded with talent. Give me Eric any day.
136. Sighelle
That's a tough question and yet it's not. I got to say that Alcide is damn fine, and on True Blood, maybe (strong on the maybe) hotter than Eric, but Eric himself, both played by Skarsgaar, but especially in the book - there's just something about him that puts him up there with one of the hottest guys ever, not just in the Charlaine Harris/Alan Ball universe in my opinion.
137. @Alcide_S2
Team Alcide #teamwolf 4ever
138. #1asfan
There is no other actor who can ever move me the way Alex did tonight. Eric will always be the best.
140. Lisa Nicole
Tall, dark and handsome always wins - ALCIDE!
141. Amaria
Eric all the way and hands down. Alcide has nice abs though but he probably spends too much time in the gym and would be too tired to entertain me ;''D
142. Doesshereally
I have never been a follower, and never fallen into the hype of preferring dark men, for one thing they are a dime a dozen. Give me the ethereal beauty that is the masterpiece of Eric.
143. Dju
Alcide, without any question !
144. Carterslittleone
Eric is the best ever
145. Gameplayer
I vot Eric he is one hot vampire.
146. Hayche
Both hot as hell but Alcide makes me weak at the knees! Tall, tanned, rugged and goes commando..... A perfect specimen of a man!
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