Jul 23 2011 2:00pm

The Men of True Blood: Bill vs. Eric

Two go in, only one will leaveEarlier this year, we did a throwdown between the Brothers of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. So we thought it might be fun to have a similar contest between our favorite hotties from True Blood. First up, we’ve got the Sookie’s suitors: Bill and Eric. Which will you choose?

Let us know in comments, and we’ll announce the winner who’ll be matched against the winner of the next round.

Who wouldn’t trust this guy?"It is more important than ever that we restrain ourselves, even if it is against our nature.”

Turned against his will during the American Civil War by Lorena, William ‘Bill’ Compton, knows a thing or two about fighting, either hand to hand, with weapons of every kind, fangs or a little thing called glamouring.

The mysterious vampire with a sexy Southern drawl appears at Merlotte’s one night and is the first person Sookie can’t ’read;’ she is unable to hear his thoughts the way she can everyone else. But is that a good thing, or a bad thing?

Considering all that the man hides, for Sookie, it sucks, and will eventually break her heart, but for Bill it lends to his own devious plans.

I also happen to be a king...At 5’10’ with broad shoulders, the muscular arms of a man long accustomed to manual labor, thick brown hair and a smile that glows, Bill’s classic Southern Gentleman act draws Sookie in, as it will many other opponent. Like a Gemini with twin syndrome, we can’t quite figure out if he’s dangerous or harmless. All the more reason to fear him in a fight where you can’t tell if he’s going to acquiesce, stab you in the back, kick you when your down, or head straight for your jugular.

Bill, whilst not as old, as say, Eric, was touted by the King of Mississippi, Russell Edgington, as a vampire with much potential …now how that may be construed could mean many things.

With a lethal combination of compassion and mystery, I wouldn’t want to meet him in a dark alley.

Eric Northman. Sheriff of Area 5.  Oh, great Nordic one. Why do we love you so Yeah, I’ll be over after I finish with Ericmuch?

Is it your prowess with aggressors (namely Bill) and against anyone who might wish to harm Sookie?

Eric has staying power in more ways than one; he’s loyal to whomever holds the crown, even when it happens to be in the possession of someone who got it through nefarious means.  He is smart and ruthless when he needs to be.  And, he can really hang a pair of trousers. (Bonus: tight abs and ass!)

I was taken with him on day one, by his captivating wit and sinful swagger.  If I had to chose just one moment from this season, it would have to be his profession of devotion to Sookie as she stood before him in her towel-free nudity.  The words cut through me, as if he were uttering them in my own boudoir: “I never gave up on you, Sookie.”

Double swoon, people!  He is devoted to this woman.  With or without faerie blood, he has stayed by her side and waited patiently.  He’s told her the truth when he knew that it would cut like bullets through her porcelain skin.  That takes courage.  Not to mention the fact that this is what makes a true romance hero.

Join me?Ok, so he mistakenly drained her faerie god mother in a matter of seconds.  If he had his memory, that totally wouldn’t have happened.  And, let’s face it… shit happens when you have amnesia and fangs.  The two don’t exactly equal harmony.

So, to my fellow members of Team H&H, you may as well put your laptops and notebooks away.  Whichever way you dice it up, Eric is, pound for pound, the most bitchin’ guy around.

Team Bill is led by A.J. Wilson, Shark By Day, Lover Of All Things Plaid By Night –

Team Eric is led by Aliza Mann,

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1. Sapphire
I vote Eric. Eric isnt afraid to tell the truth and he protects those he loves. Plus, gotta love that accent and those abs! I never liked Bill. I've never questioned Erics loyalties, but Bill is too hard to figure out. I'm too afraid he will betray his loved ones if it means furthering his own goals and power.
2. lapointe20js
ERIC!!!!! He is sooooo yummy and his devotion to Sookie makes him so romantic
A.J. Wilson
3. AJWilson
Am I even allowed to comment?

Vote for Eric because he's dreamy and devoted to Sookie? Bah, she's a distraction in a KhageMatch, whilst Bill keep his eyes on the prize.

@Sapphire - I may not like Bill, and yes, Eric is Hot, no disagreement there, but what good is loyalty if it serves only to distract?

Loyalty and love won't win a fight, lassies ... Bill is ruthless and in the end, will toss Eric into a hole. Hasn't he already done that?

Aliza Mann
4. AlizaMann
I don't know if we are, but Bill cheats at everything. :-p to him! LOL
A.J. Wilson
6. AJWilson
Dammit ... I hate Bill ... why, oh why, did I decide to take up his cause. I can feel the crushing weight of Eric lovers, pulling me down.

Oh, what a Eric, er, I mean world :-)
7. LC
Eric! He is all kinds of awesome. It's the loyalty thing. And the hotness. Bill's just boring.
9. bbrock
Definitely Eric! !! He is loyal, honest, cunning, a bad boy with a hot boy. You just have to love him
11. Sexy Sasha
I've read all the books so it'd be unfair for me to vote....but without taking that info into consideration....Eric.
K.M. Jackson
12. kwanawrites
I have to go team Eric. Bill’s, “Sookie!” just drives me up the wall.
13. Miss Deidre
Much like Highlander, there can be only One ... and that one is a tall, dead Viking with a killer smile ... I am ALWAYS ProEric ... *swoon*
14. AFox
Eric, definitely, the above picture is surely proof enough, Mmmmm x
16. Eve Langlais
Eric, because he makes no pretenses about his state of being. Because he is super alpha. And just because he's Eric :)
17. Sage
Team Eric! Team Eric all the way! He is really a dream, dangerous, sexy, smart, loyal, and gorgeous! Bill cannot hold a candle to Eric... no matter how hard he tries! (Can you tell I can’t stand bill???)
18. MarnieColette
Eric - the character is more appealing to me and so is the actor who plays him.
19. Amarilis
My Vote is For EriiiiC....
20. SacredmOOn
I vote for Eric of course!!
22. VPG and every day! Love the Viking!
23. viggolover1
Eric...He is the one and only.
24. Hestia
Eric for now and always! Never never that medatious Bill!
25. Becke (Martin) Davis
I'm going to go with Bill.
26. Becke (Martin) Davis
(I have to go with the underdog!)
28. BrooklynShoeBabe
Eric. He's such a sexy a bad boy. Now that Bill is showing some of his devious side, my eye brow is arching in his direction as well. However, for now, it's the Viking all day every.
29. Magda61
Bill. I like him, scruffy and all brawn!
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