Jul 22 2011 8:30am

The Hotness of Jason Momoa Continues

Hey, hear it’s hot out there. Anyone mention that to you?

Yeah, well, we thought that instead of griping about a climate issue over which we have no control, we would instead embrace the hotness, celebrate the hotness, admire the hotness.

And no, we’re not above making the easy joke. See? Just happened.

Yesterday, many of the Game of Thrones cast appeared at a Game of Thrones panel (hosted by author George R.R. Martin). Among those cast members who sat was Jason Momoa, who plays the Dothraki leader Khal Drogo. Momoa showed up at the event wearing dark shades, but it wasn’t because he’s all that and a bag of chips (which he is, but that’s not the point).


At some point during the session, he whipped his sunglasses off to reveal he was wearing his Khal Drogo eye makeup, which just shows he loved Khal as much as we do. Likely not for the same reasons, however.

Hot. In a good way.

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Grace S
2. Grace S
I'd eat him with a spoon, honest to god. He is delicious. I am even forking over hard earned cash to see Conan (subtitled MAN CANDY) next month. Besides the physical pretty, Khal Drogo is HAWT. A man who will use his bare hands to tear out the tongue of the guy talking smack about his wife is seksi! lol
Donna Cummings
4. Donna Cummings
My iced coffee just melted. . .

He should have that "Excessive Heat Warning" that we've got for our weather today!
5. ChelseaMueller
$10 says there was mass swooning when he took those glasses off...
A.J. Wilson
7. AJWilson
@Donna - Def 'Heat Warning' next time.

This post just kicked up the humidty ...
Grace S
8. Milly
OMG....... Hellloooooo smeksi........*drool* yeah definately looking forward to Conan.
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