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“You Look Good Wearing My Future”: The Awesomeness of Some Kind of Wonderful

Some Kind of WonderfulJohn Hughes wrote the 1987 teen romance classic Some Kind of Wonderful in retaliation for the ending in Pretty in Pink that he was forced to use by studio executives.

In the original ending Hughes wrote, Duckie and Andie end up together. What-the-what is right! Test audiences did not like it and preferred Andie and Blane kissing in the parking lot. Apparently hot boy and pretty girl in pink make the storybook HEA. Not Beauty and the Dork.

Poor Duckie, you say. Bah! We would not have Some Kind of Wonderful if Duckie won. Come on, you know how much this movie made you cheer, sigh, and almost cry.

Mary Stuart Masterson in Some Kind of WonderfulThe gorgeous Eric Stoltz sure did help in the eye candy department. He played Keith, the sensitive, soft spoken, artistic, all around nice guy.

Watts, played by Mary Stuart Masterson, is the tomboy BFF to Keith. She’s a drummer, a rebel, and head over heels in love with Keith. Following the Teen Romance movie rules of course Keith is in love with the popular girl, Amanda Jones, played by Mrs. Mcfly—I mean, Lea Thompson. And still following the rules she dates the most popular boy, Hardy, played by hottie Craig Sheffer.

In this story Keith has some trouble at home. Daddy wants him to go to college. Keith, a talented painter, wants to go to art school. He works diligently in school studying and after as a mechanic. All to save up and fulfill his father’s dreams of an academic scholarship. Keith is feeling more and more independent and seriously considers art school. But Amanda Jones completely infatuates him and changes everything.

Amanda is not rich and neither are Keith or Watts. She lives in the same neighborhood as they do. Her boyfriend, Hardy, is a rich kid. So, by default she is part of the in-crowd. Keith knows of Hardy’s infidelity and vows to win Amanda’s heart. Amanda finds out on her own and in a heated confrontation asks Keith out on a date to spite Hardy.

Eric Stoltz in Some Kind of WonderfulKeith knows it’s a grab for revenge but its Amanda, why the hell not say yes and he forces her to keep the date. This is where to artist in Keith emerges. He plans an extravagant date for her. He even gets Watts to chauffeur for him. Poor Watts. It’s eating her up inside that he loves this girl. But she accepts the job. Keith wants Amanda to know that she should be cherished and cashes out his entire college savings to buys her a pair of diamond earrings. A girl like Amanda shouldn’t need to borrow from her rich friends and wants her to have them.

The date is a little awkward, especially since Amanda plans on bringing him to a party to make Hardy jealous and Keith knows he’ll get his butt kicked. But he shows her that he, a poor kid like her, can give her nice things. He presents her with a portrait of herself and she is deeply touched. Amanda urges Keith not to go to the party. He insists. Little does Hardy or Amanda know that some of Keith’s friends from detention, the rough kind, are showing up to support him.

Amanda slaps the hell out of Hardy in a heated confrontation and the tough guys ensure Keith’s safety.

The date is over and Watts is waiting for them, the ever faithful chauffeur, but she’s had about all she can stand of seeing Keith love another girl…

Watts: Nice move. I saw it from out here. Well— Why don’t you guys run along? I’ll walk. My butt’s asleep from sitting all night.

Watts reaches out for Amanda’s hand

Watts: I’m sorry if I misjudged you.

Amanda: That’s okay.

Watts looks at Keith, as if to say something. You can see that she is holding back tears and begins to choke up a little.

Watts: Keys are in the car.

Keith watches with a deep longing as Watts walks away.

Amanda: Remember how I said I’d rather be with someone for the wrong reasons… than alone for the right ones? I’d rather be right.

Amanda takes off the earrings. Keith looks are her confused but a realization washes over him.

Amanda: It’s gonna feel good to stand on my own. Here.

Amanda hands him the earrings.

Amanda: In your heart you wanted to give these to somebody else.

Keith smiles at the truth in her words.

Amanda: Go. Go on.

Keith runs off down the street to catch up to Watts.

Keith: Watts!

Watts walks away, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Keith: Watts!

Keith and Watts in Some Kind of WonderfulWatts turns and is taken back. She can see why he is there. He is running to her! Keith stops and stares at her, bites his bottom lip a little holding back a smile. He closes the space between them, picks her up and they kiss, spin, and kiss some more. Keith gingerly puts her down and Watts is a little breathless.

Keith: I’m sorry. I didn’t know.

Watts: Yeah. Well, you’re stupid. I always knew you were stupid.

Keith: Why didn’t you tell me?

Watts: You never asked.

They look at each other with smiles and laughter mingling together. Keith hands her the earrings.

Watts: I wanted these. I really wanted them.

Keith: They’re yours.

With the biggest cheese smile Watts puts them on.

Keith: You knew you were gonna get these.

Watts is missing the usual array of earrings, as if her ears were waiting for Keith’s heart.

Watts: No, I didn’t. I hoped. I didn’t know.

Keith: You knew.

Watts: I had a feeling... Well, how do they look?

Keith: You look good wearing my future.

And they walk off together, as it should have been.

Super-duper knee-buckling sigh and swoon!

And we all have Duckie to thank for this. Thanks, D.


Philly native Charli Mac is an aspiring author, mother, wife, friend, and part-time clown. Come find lost love along the Jersey Shore athttp://charlimac.com/. Twitter her @CharliMacs

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Tara Gelsomino
"As if her ears were waiting for Keith’s heart"

LOL amazing! She shaped my love for the Short-Haired Blonde Tomboy Who Kicks Ass forevermore! And Keith! So shmoopy/romantic. I think he shaped my love for beta heroes!

The banter is fantastic and the kiss scene in the garage? Swoooon.
It's one of the best movie kisses ever, IMO.
Carmen Pinzon
2. bungluna
Masterson did a superb job of projecting passion and longing in this movie. I have to get my hands on this and watch it again.
3. mochabean
When I first saw this movie, I really wanted Watts to tell him to sell the damn earrings to pay for art school. In the movie that exists in my head, that is what happens the next day.
Charli Mac
4. CharliMac
@Tara I love Masterson. And yes, I think Keith was my inspiration for loving Beta Heroes so much.

@Bungluna I love the way she stares at him in some scenes, it takes my breath away. We all remember crushing on someone like that. :)

@Mochabean There is a book version where Watts does just that! There is this site where its all discussed.

romance reader
6. bookstorecat
The best part of the movie is The Kiss. You know the one. It's on my list of top 5 screen kisses of all time.
Stephanie Treanor
7. Streanor
I blame this move for my red head obsession... oh Eric Stoltz swwoooon!

@bookstorecat I agree! The "practice kiss" is one of my all time favorites!!

@mochabean.. so true! I kept thinking also, i wish it was still possible for a pair of diamond earring to pay for college.. right now i think i can get approximately 1/2 a credit
Robin Bradford
8. RobinBradford
Big sigh. I love this movie. Craig Sheffer was amazingly arrogant. The dialogue was pitch perfect the entire way through. I even loved the soundtrack! I haven't seen it in such a long time, and you managed to bring it all back as if I'd just watched it yesterday. Thanks!
Melissa Keith
9. MelK
This is one of my favorite 80's movies!! The star tattoo on Watts's neck inspired me to get star tattoos!
Charli Mac
10. CharliMac
@Robin Thanks lassie. I LOVED Craig Sheffer in this, especially when he gets slapped at the end. When he knows he's about to get his butt kicked, he keeps the arrogance level high.

@MelK If this is my MelB you need to send me a pic of that tat! I never knew. If you're not my MelB then, I still wanna see it, lol.
11. Paullyn V
This is one of my fave 80s rom films ever! I'm 20 and old films are not really my thing but after watching this, I'm hooked! Just gotta say that it was Keith who asked Amanda out, not the other way around. She's been meaning to cancel out on the date but chickens out or something. Anyway, great article! Might have to go and see Pretty in Pink, too :)
12. carolg76
Keith was working to pay for his college tuition. A scholarship is never mentioned in the movie.
He is working and his father is monitoring the interst rated because they have to pay for it.
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