Jul 1 2011 9:23am

Swash My Buckle! New Three Musketeers Trailer

In this new trailer for the upcoming Three Musketeers remake, it appears the Musketeers have gone steampunk! And it looks really, really cool.

Are you okay with updating a classic like Dumas’s swashbuckling saga? Or do you find this kind of trope mash-up distasteful?

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1. LilMissMolly
I agree. It looks steampunk to me! I loved the version with Oliver Platt and Chris O'Donnell. My daughter is such a Logan Lerman fan. She sqeals every time his name is mentioned.
2. Rose In RoseBear
Can't wait for this! Especially interested in Milla Jovovich's ninja-flavored Lady Winter. How do you do all that in panniers?

And Orlando Bloom is in this, as Buckingham! Oh, pile on the hottness!
3. otyioq
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Anna Bowling
4. AnnaBowling
Normally, I'm more of a purist, but the visuals (and Orlando Bloom) may yet draw me in. Still looks like a good historical adventure.
5. mochabean
Oh I am there! Looks like a great mash-up, what with the obligatory knife down the sail slide, slow mo bullet evasion slide (in panniers, as Rose points out) and Orlando's hair. And, for fellow Rome fans, there is never too much Titus Pullo. Never.
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