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“I Love You...Always:” Pretty in Pink’s Prom Scene

Molly Ringwald and Andrew McCarthy as Andie and Blain in Pretty in PinkJohn Hughes’ 1986 classic, Pretty In Pink, is part of pop-culture history. The fashion, the soundtrack, the eclectic characters, and IMO, the most important of all, the love story, is what makes this movie legendary.

It’s the perfect Teen Romance.

She’s poor. He’s rich. They go to the same high school where the preppy well-to-do kids rule the school. A girl like that doesn’t stand a chance, unless she’s in a John Hughes movie.

Andie lives by her own rules. She’s smart and has her own sense of style. Being poor, she makes her own clothes and supports her unemployed alcoholic father.

Blane is the kid who has it all and whose parents barely notice him. His friends party, over-indulge, and the lifestyle wears thin with this playboy.

Andie catches his eye and she notices. They each risk their reputations and go out on a date. Andie’s life long friend, Duckie, has his objections. Why wouldn’t he? He’s been in love with Andie forever.

Andie and Blane fall in love. It tests the bonds of friendship for both, but neither care, at least not  at first. The pressure of how different they are gets the best of them. Andie is ashamed to show Blane where she lives and Blane isn’t that confident about prom. But Blane asks Andie anyway.

As the date draws near, Blane ignores Andi and the blow out of all high school blowouts takes place in the hall by his locker. She accuses him of being ashamed of her, curses him out, and walks away.

The defiant Andi sets out to go to prom anyway, her head held high. She creates a stunning dress, a combination of her mother’s and a friend’s.

Walking into Prom, Duckie finds her and they enter together, arm in arm by Molly Ringwald as Andie WalshOMD plays in the background of this entire scene, only amping up the emotion.

They enter the ballroom. Blane sees her and makes his way over.

Blane: Hi.

The tension oozes between them. Andie looks upon him with disdain.

Andie: Hi.

Blane extends a hand toward Duckie, who in turn laughs, then finally relents, and shakes his hand. Blane looks to Andie.

Blane: You don’t need me to say I’m sorry.

Andie: It’s done. It’s over with. I’m fine.

Blane can’t take his eyes off her and his pain at her words is prevalent.

Blane: Well, if that’s true, then I’m glad.

Andie: It’s not true. But it doesn’t matter, does it?

Pause, sullen staring…

Blane: You told me you couldn’t believe in somebody who didn’t believe in you. I always believed in you….I just didn’t believe in me….Blane pauses, and looks down and them right into Andie’s eyes…I love you…Blane walks toward Andie, kisses her on the cheek, and whispers into her ear….Always.

Andie pauses, looks over her shoulder at a leaving Blane but does not move.

Duckie: Andie, he came here alone…OK, you’re right. He’s not like the others….If you don’t go to him now, I’m never gonna take you to another prom again! This is an incredibly romantic moment and you’re ruining it for me.

Andie hugs Duckie and smiles her thanks.

Andie: Duckie…

Duckie: Go ahead.

Andi runs off and Duckie looks around the room. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Kristy Swanson, eyes The Duck Man and Duckie looks at the camera and walks off. Andi finds Blane in the parking lot. The scene is dark and misty…

Andie: Blane!

She goes to him and they face each other. They kiss and it’s a pretty long kiss. Andi drops her handmade purse, equivalent to an old school kicking up your leg. Swoon!

This is ’80s movie magic at its best.John Cryer as Duckie

Did you know that the original ending Hughes wrote, Duckie wins the girl? After a test screening the studios had him shoot the scene that made the cut. The test audience seemed to like that one better. It never sat well with Hughes so he wrote Some Kind Of Wonderful, where the poor kid ends up with the friend who’s always loved him. ☺

Philly native Charli Mac is an aspiring author, mother, wife, friend, and part-time clown. Come find lost love along the Jersey Shore at Twitter her @CharliMacs

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Jen G.
1. Jen G.
I hate Pretty in Pink precisely because I always thought Duckie should have gotten the girl.
Carmen Pinzon
2. bungluna
I love "Some Kind of Wonderful". Best angstsy teen yearning scene ever.
Anna Bowling
3. AnnaBowling
I'm with Jen G. Duckie should have gotten the girl. He is now and forever the Duckman.
Jen G.
4. Squirrel
I always thought her dress was NEYOND hideous. Redheads ( of which I am one) should NOT wear pink, especially bubble-gum, pepto-bismol pink.
Jen G.
5. squirrel

and yeah, the Duckman should have gotten the chick
rachel sternberg
6. rae70
I am so with Squirrel on the dress! I thought it was awful back then and still awful now!! I loved the Duckman and she should've ended up with him! Blane was such a @$$!
Jen G.
7. Slyn
It was Blaine all the way. She had no passion for Duckie, and without PASSION there is no great love story. The test audiences were right.
Tara B
8. box5angel
@Slyn I have to agree with you. I cheered on Andie and Blane from the beginning.

Pretty in Pink is one of my top 5 fave movies of all time. I loved it when it originally came out and I loved it ever since. I have two copies of the dvd. The speciall edition which I think has Duckie in the subtitle. Too lazy to look at my dvd collection or do a search. lol Anyway, it has the original ending. So glad the test audiences decided that they hated that ending. lol And I actually found Duckie annoying.

Ok, I looked it up. ;-p It's called Pretty in Pink: Everything's Duckie Edition.
Tara B
9. box5angel
I forgot to mention the dress. lol I loved the off-the-shoulder look but I really think it should have been more fitted. And I wasn't crazy about the length. I did like the color though. The movie was called Pretty in Pink. lol
Jen G.
10. Yeah
The dress way way too baggy from the mid section but the bare shoulders were cute. Ulitmately the dress was awful and bright orange pumpkin heads like that don't really look good in pink.
Jen G.
11. Bianca Devin0
I like this m0vie BUT 0ne 0f the m0st stupidest lines I've heard in a m0vie & I d0n't understand h0w Blaine c0uld say that line "Y0u didn't believe in me." when he was the 1 wh0 blew her 0ff & said he asked s0me0ne else t0 the pr0m...L0L.
Jen G.
12. Mary Batchelor
Biana, I always thought Blaine said You didn't believe in me, but I realized he said "I didn't believe in me." That made it a lot better. Still, I've always had a love/hate relationship with Pretty in Pink because I was so annoyed with Blaine being such a weenie. Man up, Blaine! Even at the end when he finally takes James Spader's Steph to task, he just sounds wimpy. The Duckman stood up for Clair and fought Steph and showed up at the end. He was the stand up guy, and deserved the girl, BUT it would have required some tweaking along the way of the plot/dialogue here and there in order for the Duckman to truly win the girl and have everyone be satisfied with that outcome. Clair showed nothing but a kind of tolerance toward Duckie, no chemistry or warmth toward him at all. Not like there were any mixed messages or feelings he was misinterpreting. She needed to have more connection with him than that happy feelings she finally showed when she saw him appear for her at the dance. In Some Kind of Wonderful, the romance between the two leads who ultimately ended up together was simmering all the time beneatht he surface, and you really really wanted them to find their way together at the end. That's what needed to happen for the Duckman to get the girl.
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