Jul 13 2011 8:16am

Open Letter To Peter Jackson Regarding The Hobbit

Viggo Mortenson in Lord Of The RingsDear Mr. Jackson,

We’ve never met, so forgive the impertinence, but I’d like to draw your attention to a problem I’ve identified with your current production of The Hobbit:

There are no hotties.

Remember back when you did Lord of the Rings? That film featured Viggo Mortensen, Sean Bean, a breathtakingly beautiful Orlando Bloom, and Karl Urban. Yum.

Who do we have now? Martin Freeman, Stephen Fry, and a much less hot Orlando Bloom. Sure, there’s Luke Evans, who’s fine, and of course there’s Richard Armitage and Aidan Turner, but they’re playing dwarves. Short, hairy dwarves. Even Benedict Cumberbatch is just offering his voice to the production, not that he’s crazy-hot or anything, but he would do in a pinch.

Again, forgive the impertinence, but I am hoping that there will be more to pique my interest in the film than the of course admittedly compelling Tolkein story.


Megan Frampton

Community Manager, Romance

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Anton Strout
1. Anton Strout
Don't judge until you catch some of the hot Dwarve on Dwarve action they're filming!
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@Anton You tease! I can only hope. So far, the pix have shown the dwarves not at all together together.
Charli Mac
3. CharliMac
Sign my name to this letter please. No Vigo, No Six Packs, No rent! No Vigo, No Six Packs, No Rent!
Anton Strout
4. Mo
Megan, lol I seem to be popping up everywhere. But, I just have to say "have you seen some of the advance photos?" OMG! I'd take Dean O’Gorman or Aidan Turner (whom you mentioned) or both anyday, with or without dwarf makeup! Total yum! I was pretty amazed at the young dwarves and they look nothing like what you would expect to see in a "traditional dwarf". To me, they looked like short, fierce elves. It's the youth in the faces and the lack of stoutness in the bodies, I'd say. Of course, Elrond (Hugo Weaving) is in this too and I happen to think he is darn hot. :)

While Viggo Mortensen vaulted to my favorite actor of all time as a result of these movies, Karl Urban was the one who really did it for me in LOTR. I wish I could see more of him.
Anton Strout
5. AmyW
LOL! They haven't revealed what Richard Armitage looks like in his costume yet, have they? I'm hoping for less Gimli and more...Mr. Thornton with a beard.
Anton Strout
6. AmyW
And I forgot -- Orlando Bloom WILL be back in The Hobbit, too!
Anton Strout
7. mochabean
Surely someone as creative as Mr. Jackson could write a short scene and insert it in the drama, something along the lines of "meanwhile, back in the North, a certain shirtless Ranger is pining for his Elvish love..." just to give us a little Viggo. Or maybe a game of brotherly nearly-naked sword-fighting practice with Boromir and Faramir back at Minas Tirith. Really, I think it could work. sigh.
Megan Frampton
10. MFrampton
@tnh: Not chopped liver, exactly, but not (imo) a hottie, per se. Cute, charming, quirky, yes; snatch him up off the streets and ravish him right there, no. For met, at least. Your mileage may vary!
Anton Strout
11. Mo
@AmyW: If the photo I saw of Thorin is a real release, well, I hate to say it, but Richard is fully submerged in full dwarf (read Gilmi wear). I see no trace of a hottie.

@tnh: Not seeing a hottie in Martin Freeman, at least, not as Bilbo Baggins. Sorry!
Anton Strout
12. Mo
Oops! And I forgot to add something to my previous post. Lee Pace as Thranduil promises some eye candy as far as I can tell.
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