Jul 19 2011 8:42am

New Clip from Cowboys & Aliens: Hope Springs Eternal That it Will be Good

Yes. One of us on Team H&H is hoping desperately that Cowboys & Aliens is a good film. But even that one is not so sure. Meanwhile, here’s a new clip for the movie, which comes out in theaters July 29, but is previewing at San Diego Comic-Con 2011 this week.

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Charli Mac
1. CharliMac
When I first saw this trailer in the movies my mouth fell open. Genius premise. All these years we've been watching alien movies that take place in the present or the future, no one thought to set one in the past. And the Wild Wild West? What a new way to tell an old tale of us vs. them. I'm waiting for a steampunk version of an alien movie. One with Johnny Depp or Robert Downey Jr. Yummy!
althea preston
3. nightsmusic
This is my third time trying to comment on this.
I am SO going to see this whether it's with the DH or alone. I don't care. I'm going. And I can't wait!
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
@nightsmusic--thanks for persevering! I, too, am requiring the spouse--and possibly the son--to see it with me.
Clare 2e
5. clare2e
fingers also crossed over here, because I'll be there in any case- I just hope it doesn't stink.
Teresa Nielsen Hayden
6. tnh
Nightsmusic, if you don't mind -- what happened when you tried to post those first two comments?
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