Jul 27 2011 1:18pm

Getting the Mix of Romance and Suspense Just Right

They got Romance in my Suspense! Or is it Suspense in my Romance? 

With one foot in romance and the other in suspense, romantic suspense is a strange beast.  And for the reader who knows how much romance they want in their suspense, and conversely how much suspense they want in their romance, it can be difficult to tell from the label on the spine what to expect from a new author. If only there were an FDA label on the back listing the percentages of romance and suspense in each book. 

Since it doesn’t look like the FDA will start checking the percentages any time soon, we readers are forced to rely on each other to learn which books to try and which to avoid. To that end, I’ve performed my own Goldilocks routine and found three bears romantic suspense authors whose titles are “just right” at 50% romance / 50% suspense.

For the full article on three authors who’ve found the perfect mix of romantic suspense, visit our sister crime fiction and mystery blog,

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