Jul 12 2011 8:42am

George R.R. Martin’s A Dance With Dragons Out Today, Finished By...?

George R.R. Martin A Dance With Dragons

You remember, back in May, we had a post about The Longest Novel Ever? Here’s another one to add to the list: George R.R. Martin’s A Dance With Dragons, the fifth book in his A Song of Ice and Fire series, clocking in at 1040 pages. It comes out today, which means that theoretically someone could’ve gotten it at midnight and started reading at 12:01am, which means they should be done with it—hm, at a fast pace of 60 pages an hour, that would still mean it’d be 17+ hours from start to finish.

Plus that’s a fast reader, with no bathroom breaks, no food, no time to look up that random person whose name and importance  you’d totally forgotten.

Are you currently devouring A Dance With Dragons? What’s the last book you stayed up all night for?

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Lisa Cox
1. brontëgirl
The last book I stayed up late reading was Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (same with books five and six in the series). In college I didn't have time to stay up much past midnight reading Jane Eyre, but I finished it in about 48 hours without skipping classes even tho' I didn't have to have it read 'til the next Monday. Later on, The Beautiful and Damned was another late nighter (3 a.m.), and my East of Eden reading clocked in at about 24 hours. Some books you just have to finish ASAP :).
Barb in Maryland
2. Barb in Maryland
I think you are seriously underestimating how fast is fast. 60 pages an hour is somewhat slow. I suspect readers will fly through this to get all the high spots and then go back and do a slower re-read to savor all the little details. Well, that's how I tackle a long awaited book.
As for the last true all nighter I did? That was waaay back in time--I read The Far Pavilions(957 pages) in one go-started around 9 pm and finished up around 5 the next morning.
Barb in Maryland
3. mochabean
Will be starting ADWD today -- as soon as I finish Heartless (Gail Carriger)(which is really fun and wonderful, by the way). It is already waiting for me on the Kindle, taunting me really. Last book I stayed up to finish was a Storm of Swords. Once I got to THAT PART I had to keep reading. I love and hate George R.R. Martin in equal measures, I think. Before that it was probably An Echo in the Bone.
Barb in Maryland
4. ksb36
No speed reading for me on this one. I'm going to savor it like a fine wine...because we all know it's gonna be YEARS before we get the next installment.
Barb in Maryland
5. RebeLovesBooks
Hmm... I think I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with Barb in Maryland. For most people, 60 pp/hr probably isn't slow. I think those of us who read a lot read faster than most. I do read super fast - last night I read a 434 pager in 4 hours and my all-time fastest read was HP & the Deathly Hallows in about 4 hours. The DH made me retell the story to him, just b/c he couldn't believe I"d read it that fast. I definitely "devour" books, and my favorites get re-read many times.
Susanna Fraser
6. Susanna Fraser
I was so tempted to stay up and read when I was still awake at midnight. However, Amazon spared me that by not delivering the book to my Kindle till 12:16--after I'd assured myself they hadn't lost my order or anything, it was just "processing," and given up and turned out the lights.

Instead I read at lunch and while waiting for the bus to and from an offsite meeting. I'm 3 chapters and 6% in. And wishing I'd scheduled a couple vacation days.

I haven't pulled a reading all-nighter since my daughter was born. Parenthood taught me to cherish sleep.
Robin Bradford
7. RobinBradford
Page 82! Only 900 more....crap. :-)

I have the beautiful, but heavy, print edition of this so I haven't been carting it back and forth to work. That means no reading on lunch hours, so I really *should* be farther along than this, but I'm not. This weekend will have some heavy duty page turning action, but GRRM is going to be here on Saturday so that will take time away from reading too. Not complaining, mind you.......I have books for him to sign!

I'm not sure if these books can be skimmed, especially not on the first go round. If you miss something, you'll be all WTF when you get to page 675. And then trying to go back to find it will be impossible.
Barb in Maryland
8. mochabean
@Robin -- I envy your print edition. The maps in the Kindle are useless and for this book I am finding that I really need them. Also, when I hit 11% read last night I mentally changed "you know nothing, Jon Snow" to "Dayum, son!" So far I am loving it.
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