Jul 1 2011 4:16pm

Fiction Affliction: Diagnosing July Releases in Young Adult Paranormal

Fiction Affliction JulyThe Symptoms: Summertime, and the waters are filled with nubile young sirens who… wait, is this paranormal romance? Teens save the world, win the guy/girl, beat off the zombies, and protect Dr. Phil from a smokin’-hot robot babe. Geeks rule.

The Diagnosis: Twenty-one new YA paranormals take the emo route this month, with sirens, demons, angels and dragons leading the way and a vampire named Ultravox trailing behind.

The Cure: Just crank up some 1980s new wave music. The runaway bot-girl will follow Mr. Roboto and the vampire Ultravox will turn out to be a zombie techno-pop band member. Those too young to understand the pop culture reference are reading in the right category.

For the full article on July’s new releases in Young Adult Paranormal, visit our sister science fiction and fantasy blog,

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1. Legend
Ah the 80's music was truly the best. Depeche Mode, The Cure, Motley Crue, All of it... I loved it all. Ada
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