Jul 19 2011 5:16pm

Come for the Game of Thrones, Stay for the Sex

You can feel the bitterness from hereIn an interview with Entertainment Weekly, author George R.R. Martin says he chose HBO as the home for the Game of Thrones because he “wanted to keep the sex” in the scripts.  And he even toned some details down because the books are likely more controversial than even HBO would air.

For example, “Dany is only 13 in the books, and that’s based on medieval history. They didn’t have this concept of adolescence or the teenage years. You were a child or you were an adult. And the onset of sexual maturity meant you were an adult. So I reflected that in the books...So we ended up with a 22 year old portraying an 18 year old, instead of an 18 year old portraying a 13 year old. If we decided to lose the sex we could have kept the original ages.”

More casting news is out for Game of Thrones, Season 2: Dutch actor Carice van Houten has been cast as Melisandre, and British actor Stephen Dillane(pictured above) has gotten the role of Stannis Baratheon. And in case you missed the other casting news, the roles of Margaery  Tyrell and Brienne of Tarth will be filled by Natilie Dormer and Gwendoline Christie.

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1. mochabean
Funny, I just didn't picture Stannis as a smoker...
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@mochabean, ha! Stannis is too uptight to smoke. Stephen Dillane, as I recall, was in this really poignant, sensual, odd movie called Firelight. I haven't seen his work since, I don't think, but I thought he did a good job there.
3. mochabean
Apparently he was also Thomas Jefferson in HBO's John Adams. He was very good in that and now I can picture him as Stannis.
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