Jul 20 2011 8:23am

Awful Library Books Spotlights The Duck Shack Agreement

The site Awful Library Books is a delightful treasure trove of out-of-date gawdawfulness, from books on disco, to early computer programming, to bizarre self-help books from the ’70s.

Today’s entry is too Awful not to share: The Duck Shack Agreement. Read the blurb on the back:

One plus one equaled three…
It was a match made in heaven.
Rachel Bennett and Brian Tate loved each other; he adored her young daughter. The Oregon coastline was an idyllic place to live, and Rachel’s balloon delivery service was booming. What more could a person want?

The Duck Shack Agreement! It wasn’t ominous—just a simple arrangement between two consenting adults. It was drawn up on the shore of a peaceful lake, with not a second thought in mind. That is until life became a little more complicated than expected…and the rules suddenly became a little harder to play by.

This cover knocks those shirtless pec guy covers out of the park, don’t you think?

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Robin Bradford
1. RobinBradford
Every time I think they can't do better (or worse) they prove me wrong! I LOVE this site but today's gem is extra special!
Susan in AZ
2. Susan in AZ
Between the mustache and the smirk, would you buy a used car from that man? sleazy expression does not equal HEA.

Definitely a gem of awfullness in cover art.
romance reader
3. bookstorecat
Aaargh! It's the return of The Duck Shack Agreement. This book was featured, with accompaning hilarity, on If you need a laugh, go look it up. How is it possible that I was just thinking about this book the other day (this book?!). Hmmm...(I thought) we never did discover just what the heck The Duck Shack AGREEMENT was. Or the purpose of having a shack for ducks. Or the answers to a thousand other pressing questions of taste and WTF-ery.

I got two words for you:

Charli Mac
4. CharliMac
Tom Selleck called and he wants his mustache back.

The whole cool collared shirt under a sweatshirt, I rocked that circa 1985. Just sayin'.
Charli Mac
5. CharliMac
Maybe the B-52's should've been looking for the Duck Shack. Maybe...
Charli Mac
6. CharliMac
Doesn't that little girl on the bike know she can lost her virginity that way????

I can't stop finding things to comment on. It's like the back of a Highlights Magazine!
Charli Mac
7. CharliMac
It's obvious the woman is not making any money with the ballon business. I mean, look, the balloon is floating away...the string is way too short! Any serious ballon artist knows you tie super long strings to those bad boys. Plus, "Ballooney Tunes"? Really? Did Warner Bros. give permission for that?

Now look, the kids below will chase after it. They're not even wearing knee/elbow pads or helmets!

And what is the "Just for Men Shave In Gel" guy doing anyway wearing such a bulky leather jacket? What is he hiding? It's obvious it's only spring, the kids have no jackets, Mom's in a too-tight-to-fight sweatshirt and too-tight-to-fight Jordache jeans? AND he has on a mock turtle neck sweater.

This should be The Sitting Duck Agreement. The man is a serial killer! Judith Light will play her in the next Lifetime movie!

Sorry. Must. Stop.Now.
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