Jun 9 2011 7:06pm

Women Behaving Badly Make History with Bridesmaids—Surprise?

Why is Bridesmaids’s success such a shock? It’s a well-written, well-acted, well-produced movie; why wouldn’t people be flocking to theaters to see it?

It amuses me endlessly to see articles from agencies like The Wrap about how Bridesmaids’s popularity with moviegoers (read: all that money they were willing to pay at the theaters!) has led to “a new movie genre” and about how pitches have already been accepted for similar types of movies.

Why is Hollywood just now catching on to the fact that women might enjoy R-rated comedies about *gasp* fellow women?

Is it just the gross-out factor the big-wigs think we’re in it for? Because I have to say that what I loved most about the movie was not that (though I admit I thought it was great to see women being allowed to behave badly), but rather how well rounded and real the characters and their relationships were. A lot of the characters’ behaviors and actions were exaggerated for the sake of entertainment (which was indeed hilarious), but overall I thought they were simply kick-ass in their own ways. They went for things full tilt, no holds barred—and they got it.

This might be relatively new in the chick-flick world (in how many movies even nowadays does the woman end up changing her whole life for the guy and their shiny new relationship?—Leap Year, I’m looking at you!) but not elsewhere. Books, shows, other types of movies...they’ve already provided tons of examples of strong women kicking ass and taking names, with and without men by their sides. They are my favorite type of heroine.

So my reaction to this “news”? It’s about time, people!

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Carmen Pinzon
1. bungluna
Every time a movie anchored by women makes good, it's the same old song. Then they go back to mass-producing the same old stuff. Wonder if anybody keeps track of all the male-centric idiotic movies that tank?
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@bungluna: Exactly what @redline_ and I were saying earlier in the office! Like it's big news that women get drunk and fart and stuff, but when men do it, it's just business as usual.
Let's hope a talented guy like Apatow can sustain this trend beyond a film and a few headlines.
Carrie Strickler
3. DyslexicSquirrel
I saw this movie TWICE. And I will so be buying it when it comes out on dvd and placing it reverently besides The Sweetest Thing.
Heather Waters
5. HeatherWaters
@bungluna -- Our thoughts exactly! This isn't REALLY a new thing, it's just that TPTB are finally taking more notice again.

@MFrampton -- Amen!

@DyslexicSquirrel -- I can't wait to see it again myself. So good. And The Sweetest Thing!!! How did I not think of that when I was writing this post? That movie has a lot in common with Bridesmaids!
Megan Frampton
6. MFrampton
I haven't seen The Sweetest Thing (nor Bridesmaids yet, either). I'm thinking a Girls' Night In Movie Night! Might be just me, but hey, could be fun!
Maria Lokken
7. Maria Lokken
I've heard great things about this film and based on this article I am now definitely going to see it.

The fact is, studios will produce movies they think there’s an audience for and that will make money. Bridesmaids is doing very well at the box office – so I can only hope, some smart studio exec finds more scripts featuring kick ass women.
Maria Lokken
8. Darlynne
The same thing happened when Patricia Cornwell (and then especially Karin Slaughter) first appeared on the mystery fiction scene: the shock and awe over how much extreme violence women could write had people talking as never before. Le sigh.

As much as I enjoyed Bridesmaids, I think the movie was another example of over-the-top, which I love, not knowing when to stop, pretty much typical Judd Aptow. Maya Rudolph in the middle of the street made me howl with laughter. Other scenes, and I don't want to give anything away, had me thinking, haha, funny, I get it, next gag, you're done, get the hook, not funny after the tenth time, come on: my internal dialog went on as long as some of the jokes.

That's a really long way of saying that, yes, women are every bit as funny and gross and outrageous as men. I just wish Bridesmaids had done all that and better.
Carmen Pinzon
9. bungluna
@Maria - imo, "smart studio excecutive" is an oxymoron.
Carrie Strickler
10. DyslexicSquirrel
@redline: Haha The Sweetest Thing has gotten somewhat forgotten over the years, but I still love it a ridiculous amount. I mean, hello, musical number for no reason AND a movie montage? Gold.

@MFrampton: You definately need to see The Sweetest Thing. I cry it's so funny. Everytime. XD
11. EvangelineHolland
The shock has been present ever since Hollywood stopped making women's pictures and began focusing on male-dominated action/adventure/drama flicks.
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