Jun 20 2011 8:26am

Ridiculously Awesome Amazement, AMIRITE?

Three Little Words

What three words do you say the most?

One author tried to go 24 hours without using “The Unholy Trinity;” namely, “Let’s Get Over “Awesome,” “Amazing,” and “Ridiculous.”

And she failed, miserably. Ridiculously, even. <sarcasm>Awesome.</sarcasm>

We all have our verbal ticks; are yours misusing these words? If not, what are they?

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Janet Webb
1. JanetW
Fricking awesome post Megan! My dh glares at me when I overuse say awesome so I've tried to stop and clearly, it's an every other word thing I've got going :(
2. torifl
I use , ummm, egads, awesome, totally, and yea way to much. :(
Charli Mac
3. CharliMac
"For reals" is my new overused phrase. "Seriously" and "Really". Some people may say I overuse the phrase "Shut up" too much. IMHO that phrase can never be used enough, so shut up. I overuse lots of others words but these censors might not appreciate them here. ;)
Louise Partain
4. Louise321
Recently I find myself doing a "yeah" repeat in twos and threes. It's a kind of a college kid thing and I feed college kids on a regular basis so I guess that is why. It annoys the heck out of my husband when I do it. More reason to do so, says I!
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