Jun 27 2011 8:02am

New Captain America Trailer

Captain America arrives in theaters July 22 (although wouldn’t July 4th be more appropriate?), and this new trailer makes it look...good!

Plus us Richard Armitage fans get a better look at his face in at about 1:18. Mm, Richard Armitage numminess—if you just ignore that he’s playing a Nazi in this film, and a dwarf in The Hobbit, you could almost say he’s on his way to becoming as well known over in America as he is in England.

When does he get to play a heroic tall guy for American audiences?

We know we’re digressing, but we’re talking Richard Armitage!

Okay. So. Are you planning on seeing Captain America July 22?

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Donna Watson
1. Sookie65
Just cannot wait to see this. Chris Evans and Richard Armitage, together, both at the same time...SWOON.
Oh, and the film looks amazing too ;)
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