Jun 22 2011 9:28am

Mad Men’s Don Draper: A Rake in Need of Reforming?

Mad Men’s Jon Hamm has re-upped his contract to appear on the show for three more seasons, Deadline reports.

Three more seasons for Don Draper to try to keep his secrets, cheat with whomever, get brilliant with advertising copy, and drink more Scotch than all the inhabitants of Ballantrae put together (that’s a small village in Scotland, by the way).

Don Draper, in other words, is a classic rake. A real rake, not a fake rake; do you think Don will ever get reformed? Do you want him to be reformed?

Mad Men returns in 2012.

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1. mochabean
Surely you're not suggesting that he hasn't already been reformed by the love of a good woman of French extraction? I just assumed that the rest of the series was him living in wedded bliss with what's-her-teeth and siring a houseful of adorable moppets like any properly reformed Regency rake would do in the Epilogue. NO? I'm looking forward to how Don handles the late sixties. That scene from last season (?) when he steps out on the hot city streets while "Satisfaction" plays and he looks on in disbelief as an inter-racial young couple strolls past seemed to encapsulate how adrift he is, and I really wonder what he is going to do next. But to answer your question -- no, I don't want him reformed. He is much more interesting with all of his flaws.
K.M. Jackson
2. kwanawrites
@mochabean "what's-her-teeth" ouch and LOL! But I'm with you, No, I don't think he will be reformed but for a while he will think he is but like the recovering rake he is some nubile young thing will have him falling off the wagon for sure. So much better to watch.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
Oh, he's definitely a rake. But while I've only seen the first few episodes of Mad Men, I get the feeling the show would be over if Don Draper ever reformed, no? On the other hand, I must confess that I'm always in favor of hot rakes repenting of their wicked ways and settling down in the end.
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