Jun 21 2011 8:58am

Get High, Get a Man?: Women Alter Their Voices When Speaking to an Attractive Man

Maybe there is something to how that annoying, squeaky-voiced chick speaks when she’s talking to a foxy guy; via Fox News, Psychology Today reports that women speak in higher-pitched voices when they are talking to a man they find attractive.

Does that mean the man finds it attractive, too? Yup, psychologists say. And dogs. Dogs like high-pitched sounds, too, confirming what we’ve known all along: Men are dogs.

In other words, Betty Boop  is your vocal prototype. 

Boop oop a doop!

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1. Darlynne
No. Just, no. I hate high-pitched female voices. If these researches had said men notice high-pitched sounds the way dogs do--and I was under the impression dogs didn't actually like the sound--I could understand that. I will shoot any of my friends if I catch them squeaking in the presence of a man.
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