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Game of Thrones Season 2: Anticipating What’s Next

Joffrey Baratheon in Game of ThronesLike arch-enemies the Lannisters and Starks, Aliza and I—A.J.—fought to the bitter end for the right to pen this post, but alas, it was a tie, the result of which is that both of us will be offering our perspectives—as avid viewers who haven’t read the books—on what happened during Game of Thrones Season 1, and what might happen in Game of Thrones Season 2.

A.J.: I’m a die-hard Game of Thrones fan, so much so that I’ve bought all of the books—and for one who loathes surprises, and ALWAYS reads spoilers —have not yet read them. I want to wait, yes, the queen of spoilers thrives on the anticipation of what is to come. Very rare indeed!

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. MartinAliza: I admit it. I’m a big loser.  I had never read the books.  I started watching HBO’s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones quite by accident the night of the season premiere; I was folding clothes in the basement (a.k.a man cave a la Al Bundy). My guy was nodding on the old sofa, and I was on the loveseat surrounded by a week’s worth of clean, unfolded laundry.  I looked up to catch three men on horses.  I folded one shirt, then another. I glanced up once more to see a horrifying little girl with one blue eye. A chill ran up my spine.

I looked down to find my neatly folded clothes askew on the floor. I lost myself for a couple of minutes. And I continued to lose myself in this fantastic tale for ten weeks until, sadly, the season came to an end.

Little by little we grew to love—and hate—many of the diverse characters. Thankfully, H&H provided a detailed, and quite entertaining, synopsis of the happenings each week. 

And as we all prepare to settle in for a depressingly long wait for Game of Thrones Season 2, we decided to prepare a little wish list of what we’d like and love to see more and less of come Spring 2012.

Ned and Arya Stark in Game of ThronesDrumroll please…

1.  Joffrey needs to die: I know, he’s a child, but he’s a sadistic little bugger. He kills Sansa’s father—Ned—then taunts her that they will still marry. But what can you expect from an insufferable product of incest? I wanted to jump through my flatscreen and wring his neck.

2.  And whilst were on the topic of Joffrey’s intended, could the producers see fit to bestow  Sansa with some metaphorical balls so that she might try and thwart the evil Lannisters, escape King’s Landing, and join her brother, Robb?

3.  More Ned? Maybe we’re asking too much, but could the real Eddard Stark please stand up? I mean, maybe the man they killed was his doppelganger, or maybe I’m just reaching.

Jon Snow in Game of Thrones4.  Jon Snow: As far as we’re concerned, we haven’t seen enough of him, and I have an inkling that we’re going to. He’s more like Ned Stark than Robb, and even though he’s taken a vow to guard the Wall and live the solitary, celibate life of a Night Watchman, we feel there’s more to him than a life such as this. He’s delightful and honorable. Who doesn’t love the downtrodden, the betrayed, and yes, alas the victims of circumstance?  Snow, as he’s called by the Brothers on The Wall, has been treated atrociously throughout the season by some members of the Stark family, namely Mama Stark, Catelyn. As if it was, his fault he was born a bastard. Ahem, I do believe the folly lies with one Ned Stark, but we digress. He is strong, loyal, the type of guy that you want watching your back when you go past the wall into the wild, white wilderness. Plus, he’s extra yummy.  Sometimes, you wish it weren’t so cold in the North so you can see what’s under all those frocks. It must run in the family because Robb has some McNorthiness going on.

Tyrion and Catelyn in Game of Thrones5.  Another favorite is Tyrion. Yep,    Lannister. We know he’s on the wrong team, but is he, really?  The treatment he was subjected to by Lysa Arryn was deeply disturbing.  Not to mention his father, and Jamie. We hope that he will bring our friend Joffrey in line, and betray the family who has never had his back.

6.  Daenerys Targaryen: We watched her go from a place of powerlessness, a pawn to a powerful queen in her own right. It was like watching the rising of a phoenix. In the finale, we find her the proud mother of three baby dragons after her fiery farewell to her husband, Khal Drogo. As she professed earlier in the season, “dragons don’t burn…” That was freaking awesome!

The next season promises to be grand, the dragons full grown, and a war that will threaten everyone living below the Wall. We wish for the safety of Arya, as well as her sister, Sansa.  For Robb to defeat the Lannisters and restore order and honor to the kingdom. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until Spring 2012.  I haven’t been this excited for a season since Marc Jacob’s 2010 Spring Line!

What are you looking forward to?


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1. Marisa
Great post. I too am an avid viewer who hasn't read any of the books. I too saw those three men on horseback riding into the tunnel and was immediately captivated by the imagery. Watching this show created a myriad of emotions ranging from angst to unadulterated shock, surprise and awe. So you know I’m looking forward to next season.

What I’d love to see happen next season is:
1. Arya becoming the leader she was born to be. In my heart I believe she has more guts than Robb and more smarts than Jon – but I haven’t read the books so what do I know.
2. I’m with you, Sansa needs to quickly get her act together and thwart or Kill the evil little Joffrey and she better do it soon before he reigns down upon a succession of humiliating and horrible acts the likes of which this young cosseted girl has never seen.
3. As for Daenerys – ‘good on her’ – she’s a power in her own right now and after eating the heart of a horse, burning a witch and birthing three dragons she deserves to take it all.
4. The last thing I’m looking forward to is seeing what’s coming from behind that wall. Haven’t been this excited about a TV show since I spent a summer wondering who the Man in Black was on Lost.
Aliza Mann
2. AlizaMann
Hi Marisa,

It was, indeed, a treat - the entire season. It was chock full of vivid, unadulterated action and intrigue.
I love Arya, and you are probably right about her being stronger and smarter than her male siblings. Since I haven't read the books either, I wonder if we'll find them in season 2 right smack dab in the middle of winter? I seriously doubt it, but I'm in such a hurry to see what winter brings to the 7 Kingdoms that I can barely contain myself.

What a great show!
3. Lupdilup
I love your post! I couldn’t agree more; I just went in a two days marathon and watched the ten episodes back to back (got to love HBO GO), and like you I’m completely and irrevocably hooked! Now I’m craving more. I’m debating if I should listen to next book on audio (audio book junkie here), I’m afraid that if do, I’m going to start to be critical of the series, and just I love it so.
4. CindyS
I haven't read the books either but I love this series and really enjoyed reading the recaps here - as they mirrored my thoughts also.

I'm wondering if time will have moved forward or if next season starts where this one left off. I also want Sansa to ball up and was happy to see her `think` about pushing her `soon to be` off the wall.

And what lays beyond the wall - what does winter bring (can`t get my question mark to work)

5. Jennifer77
I am right there with you. I watched the entire series and am already dying for the next season. It was superbly done, and I can't wait to see more of Jon Snow.

The books are FANTASTIC. Ridiculously good. The TV show followed the series very closely. I highly recommend reading them, regardless of whether or not you've watched the show. They provide a lot of backstory and a few subplots not explored in the show.

Yay for Game of Thrones, and extra-yay for the fifth book coming out in July!
6. A..J. Wilson
I've been away from internet land and indeed did not know this post had gone up. I'm so glad everyone seems to be looking forward to much of the same things. I'm entralled with the series and do beleive I will start reading the books soon.

I admire the Martin is able to give, and take away in the same breath (Ned) such strong strokes hit you right in the gut and you cannot help but feel.
Aliza Mann
7. AlizaMann
So happy that you guys liked the post! In case any of your are interested, there is an awesome interview in this month's RT with George R. R. Martin. Glad he's still writing the series!
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