Jun 10 2011 8:07am

For the Love of...Battlestar Galactica

Wait—another Battlestar Galactica post? What, have we mistaken HeroesandHeartbreakers for our sister site,, which has loads of Battlestar Galactica coverage?

Hear me out. See, two out of the three HeroesandHeartbreakers staff are obsessed with this series, but one—namely, me—has never seen it, and I have promised to embark on the viewing voyage when BBC America begins airing the entire Battlestar Galactica series tomorrow at 10pm.

And, after seeing this trailer, as well as some of the others posted here (namely, BBC America meets Battlestar Galactica...and Jamie Bamber’s British accent!), I kinda can’t wait until tomorrow.

Which is a long-winded way of saying marketing works. Oh, and that Jamie Bamber brings the hawtness.

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Macy Beckett
1. Macy Beckett
You will LOVE IT. So say we all! While there's no shortage of eye candy in the series, I'm partial to Leoben. I'd play house with him any day, and I wouldn't stab him in the throat at the dinner table. (That comment will make sense to you somewhere around season 4.)
Heather Waters
2. HeatherWaters
@Macy Beckett -- Yay, a fellow fan! Absolutely cannot agree with you about Leoben, though. He creeps me out big time. (Which is not to say that Callum Keith Rennie isn't awesome. Just...obviously a great actor.) I'm an Apollo girl.

@Megan -- So glad you're anticipating it! I'm curious about how they're going to show the miniseries, whether it's going to be all on one night or if they're going to split it up into two or three episodes. We'll have to discuss after you watch!

Here's another favorite trailer of mine for its focus on the awesome women of BSG:
Macy Beckett
3. mochabean
Agree with Macy you will frakkin LOVE IT. (Agree about Leoben too. Also Baltar, go figure) Yes, plenty of eye candy (I'm looking at you Helo) but also plenty of romance, intrigue, and so so so many shades of grey. Can I lobby for an H&H rewatch? I think there are a few of us who wandered over here from and I would love for BG to get a rewatch from the H&H perspective, especially from a first time viewer. Pretty please with a shiny chrome toaster on top?
Macy Beckett
4. mochabean
OK, I realize that Megan's experience won't actualy be a rewatch....
Megan Frampton
5. MFrampton
@mochabean--I will no doubt share my thoughts about BSG SO MUCH you'd wish you never asked (And, btw, are you in Brooklyn? I thought you said so, once, and so am I--South Slope).

I am very excited, and Mr. Frampton has agreed to watch it, too. I wish he'd take himself off the hook for watching True Blood, since I can HEAR his eyes rolling during every episode. So I sympathize with Mr. Mochabean and Game of Thrones.
Regina Thorne
6. reginathorn
The first couple of seasons of "Battlestar Galactica" were absolutely superb tv. And Jamie Bamber is the reason I started watching in the first place :D Enjoy the wild ride!
Macy Beckett
7. mochabean
@MF Ha! Yes Mr. Mochabean bowed out of True Blood very early on and flees upstairs once I start watching...(also we are in suburban Chicagoland -- must have been another bean). I am sure Mr. F will enjoy BG much more...
Megan Frampton
8. MFrampton
@mochabean: Shoot, my bad. Sorry. And yes, Mr. F. should like BSG more; I will report back.
Macy Beckett
9. Zog The Obvious
So, like, I'm curious.... this thread took place back in June... it is now October. Did you check it out? Did you like it? I am a guy who always finds himself curious about women's reactions to this series, because of the fact that it's a testosterone laden, male oriented series, yet features some startlingly strong female leads. (I got my girlfriend to wattch it, and she frakkin' loved it. ;) )

What did you think?
Rachel Hyland
10. RachelHyland
@ Zog the Obvious For the latest of Megan's always-entertaining thoughts on the series thus far -- she's reached Season 2 -- go here. Hatred for Tigh abounds, but on the upside (for some of us, anyway...), the Towel Scene!
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