Jun 6 2011 9:20am

For the Love of...a Perfect Stranger?

Strangers In The Night AnthologyIn 1973, Professor Kenneth Gergen conducted a social psychology experiment that found the answer to the question, “What do people do under conditions of extreme anonymity?”

Category romance authors have surmised the answer to that question for years now. Turns out, the truth isn’t that far from what those authors suppose.

In the experiment, men and women who had never met were put into a small, furniture-less room that was pitch dark. At first the two talked, but then the conversation escalated to touching. In fact, almost 90 percent of the subjects touched someone else on purpose, and a third ended up kissing. Nearly 80 percent of the subjects reported feeling sexual excitement.

What would you do if you were put into a dark room with a stranger of the opposite sex?

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1. torifl
Probakly freak because I am extremely claustrophobic. lol Even my hubs knows to approach with caution in a completely dark room-I tend to go ninja.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@ToriFL--Ha! So if you were stuck in there with someone who might wish you harm, you could totally take 'em.
Louise Partain
3. Louise321
I am dumpy, married, and 59 so I probably wouldn't act on my feelings. However if the voice was a deep whiskey coated rumble and the conversation was intelligent and slyly sensual, I would have feelings.
Janet Webb
4. JanetW
This is too odd a scenario for me to imagine. I can see bits of it -- Jo Beverley's Slightly Wicked (both Elf and Fort in total darkness, boffing away in and outside of coffins) ... or a couple Baloghs (like her first), where the heroine makes love to the hero in total darkness -- and he doesn't know he's making love to his wife. But two strangers in darkness: I'll have to give it some thought.
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