Jun 23 2011 8:43am

Footloose and Value-Free!

Yup. It’s back. Take a gander at the trailer for the remake of Footloose, improbably still about a town that outlaws dancing.

What we’d like to outlaw is remaking movies that were only made good in the original incarnation because of the lead’s charisma, but heck, who asked us?

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Saundra Peck
2. sk1336
I don't know...this looks kinda cute. It looks pretty true to the original (which I saw when it came out, just to age myself) yet has a trendy feel to it too. And I LOVE Julianne Hough (that girl can REALLY dance) and Dennis Quaid. Gotta say I would probably enjoy it (of course I love Dancing with the Stars, so who am I to be cool?!?!). As for value free...isn't just about everything appear to be value free these days? I know the original Footloose had a message that was great, hopefully this one will too!
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
@sk1336--It does look cute, I have to admit to being supremely cranky today. So never mind me. And yes, so much pop culture is value-free, in any time you examine it. Maybe it won't be so bad? Maybe I just need more coffee?
Saundra Peck
4. sk1336
You are not too cranky to me, but have some more coffee just because you can...let's hope the remake does not ruin the lovely Kevin Bacon version!!!
K.M. Jackson
5. kwanawrites
This is too funny. Love how new Kevin Bacon is" trouble" but all the kids had the down low dance party before he got to town. And oh goody I see there is the 1 Black character to make the town that never woke up diverse. Yeah, I'm cranky too. The only thing that would get me to see this is if Kevin Bacon was playing the dad but he's not, so I won't. Cute trailer though.
Charli Mac
6. CharliMac
Utter crap from the University of Crappiest Remakes Ever. *Charli shakes fist*

I am totally with @Kwana on this one. Here was the checklist producers mulled over while filming:

No name actors to fill extremly large shoes of original cast: CHECK

Token black guy and ambiguous minority BFF to heroine: CHECK

Older actors with some street cred trying to give this movie any cred, Dennis Quaid & Andie MacDowell: CHECK

Throwback to a sentimental object from the first version, the Yellow VW Beetle: CHECK

A muddled accent for the lead actor to make him seem more mysterious: CHECK

The coreographer from MC Hammer's Pumps in a Bumps: CHECK

The costume designer from Skanks R' Us: CHECK

Dynamic chemistry and a relevant script that does justice to the original: Um, yeah....about that....

There is only one other person is the world permitted to angry dance in the vain of footloose. I hope you enjoy this clip from the funniest TV Show ever, Flight of the Conchords. Here Bret is angry that he was kicked out of the band.
7. mochabean
I am with all cranky folks and CharliMac, of whom I am in AWE. If it doesn't have Lori Singer yelling "Daddy, I'm not even a VIRGIN!" than it ain't worth watching.
8. Cassy
What can I say? @CharliMac said it all! Cranky about the remake? Hellsa ya, Kevin Bacon was the only one for that part! The nice thing about the trailer was that yeah it was cute- but I don't think they left anything out, so now I don't have to watch the movie.
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