May 6 2011 11:31am

Something Borrowed in Theaters Today!

Something BorrowedBefore you see the movie, check out an excerpt of the book!

The gorgeous bride every girl has secretly been jealous of their entire lives. The hot groom every girl secretly wished asked them out first. The BFF Bridesmaid who’s secretly wished to be with hot groom since law school…but gorgeous bride snatched him up, right from under BFF.

Well, hello love triangle. You had me at bitch, hottie, and other girl.

Something Borrowed by Emily GiffinI have not read Emily Giffin’s Something Borrowed. I know what you’re saying, “Tsk, tsk, Charli.” It’s right up my alley. but I never got around to reading it. So, with the movie coming out I feel the need to read it—stat! I am a huge stickler for reading first, watching second. Aren’t we all?

My BFF, Nikki D.C., read both Something Borrowed and Something Blue. I thought it was adorable when she told me her fiancé got so sucked into the story she ended up reading it to him in bed. How friggin’ hot is that! They were on the wedding journey themselves. Sigh…

So, I ring up said BFF and ask her all the pertinent questions. Her answers have me now in possession of said novel. That hilarious trailer, you know you want to see this movie. You know you do! Who doesn’t want to see the doormat mousy girl get the hot guy from the biotch she’s always played second fiddle to?

Nikki D.C. has some reservations about the film adaptation to one of her favorite novels. The trailer left her scratching her head like a kid with cooties.

First reservation: the casting of Kate Hudson as Darcy. In the novel, Darcy is described as dark-haired, olive-skinned, and green-eyed, with very sharp model-esque facial features. Now, Kate Hudson is beautiful, but not in this way. Not at all. Blonde wavy hair, flat facial features, girl next door. Darcy in the novel is a super competitive bitch who is always lucky and get what she wants, especially from men. This is eerily similar to Kate Hudson’s role in Bride Wars. Typecast yawn, anyone?

Something Borrowed CastGinnifer Goodwin is cute in the role of Rachel, but not at all what my friend envisioned either. Mainly due to the fact that Ginnifer is also typecasted into the doormat mousy girl roles too. He’s Just Not That Into You, Big Love. Sigh. IMO, she does look so dang cute and downright funny in the trailer.

Now, the biggest dilemma for my friend is the Ethan character; in the book, he is a friend of Rachel’s who lives in the UK and they chat on the phone. She sees him for a few days, but he's mostly a friend in the background, not a major player in the book. In the movie, he is one of those morphed characters. I hate when Hollywood does this. In the book Rachel has a work friend Hillary who, according the IMDB, is not in the movie at all. It appears Ethan is both characters. Grr.

Nikki foresees serious plot problems for the movie and for the sequel to Something Borrowed, which is Something Blue. Ethan is a main character in the sequel and it will change the context of his role, it will give it a whole different perspective and feel. For the die-hard fans of the book, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this Hollywood switcheroo. Nikki also thinks that John Krasinski is not right for the role of Ethan. She can’t put her finger on why, but part of it maybe that most of Ethan’s role in the book is via telephone.

Ginnifer Goodwin and Colin Egglesfield as Rachel and DexMoreso than that, though, I believe that when we read, we create these distinct images in our head and they are part of our very personal experience. When Hollywood tries to fit that into a mold, they will always, almost, never please the masses. But, IMO, if the role of Darcy is so detailed in description, they could’ve at least dyed Kate Hudson’s hair.

What Nikki is hoping to see most in the movie is the inner dialogue Rachel has with herself, very Bridget Jones-esque in tone. These parts of the book made her laugh out loud and she’s hoping that comedy will come shining through.

In the trailer, it does look as though the filmmakers retained that aspect, at least.

I cannot wait to devour this book then go see the movie and tear it apart!

And I will let you know what I think about it.


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Noelle Pierce
1. Noelle Pierce
I've been seeing previews and didn't even know it was a book first until the trailer for the movie came out. I also love reading first, watching later (or in some cases, not watching at all. *cough* Twilight *cough*). Rom-coms are my favorite of all moveis to watch, so I'm looking forward to this one.

Oh, and agreed on the typecasting of Kate and Ginnifer. Sigh.
Keira Gillett
2. Keira
I saw it last night and liked it. There's a few things I'd change but overall a nice movie.
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
I can't wait to see this with my mother-in-law--I'm always on the lookout for films that won't make me want to cough up a hairball while still keeping her from being all shocked and such. It's a narrow category.
Noelle Pierce
4. Linda White
Love to read this, been seeing the movie trailer and I also didnt know it was a book first!
Noelle Pierce
5. O Saunders
I completely agree with Nikki. I was so excited when I first saw the trailer for this movie. I read the book several years ago and loved it. I decided to re-read the book before seeing the movie because I could not remember what character John Krasinski was playing. I am not keen on Ethan having more of a major role in this film and not being in London. I still want to see the movie but am afraid I am going to be dissapointed.
Noelle Pierce
6. Corey Treacy
OMG...LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. I'm not a reader at all but I have Read all of Emily Giffin's Books, they are amazing. I'm so excited that there was a movie made of this book...will there be movie sequels to reflect the other books? This is so exciting. YA!
Heather Waters
7. HeatherWaters
@Linda White -- It's a really cute movie! If you read the book, you'll have to come back and let us know what you thought. :)

@O Saunders -- You know, I felt the same way when I first realized Ethan was going to have a big role in the movie when he was mostly just someone Rachel talked to on the phone in the book Something Borrowed. But I confess I am a John Krasinski fan from his work on The Office and that he totally won me over as Ethan. I *am* curious to see how this will impact Something Blue, though, if they go ahead and make the sequel a movie too...

@Corey Treacy -- I've seen Something Borrowed and think they probably will make the sequel (is there more than one?! I thought Something Blue was the last in this story arc!). It will be veeery interesting to see how this movie affects future movies, though, I will say that. Because they definitely changed some things in this movie (see my comments above about Ethan having a bigger part in the movie than he did in the book).
Noelle Pierce
8. Gabrielle
They are making a sequel... I'm not sure if you stayed until the end of the credits, but you see Darcy in London screaming ETHAN but he looks surprised to see her and walks away as she chases him... then it says to be continued...

I don't like how they had Darcy and Rachel run into each other at the end of the movie, that didn't happen and I feel should not have been added, along w/ the Ethan thing, but I was more able to accept that. I also did not like Dex's parents being involved, or the lack of them saying how Rachel and Darcy lived next door to one another, that is something small, but shows that the parents would know each other as well.
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