May 3 2011 3:09pm

When Worlds Collide: Gossip Girl Meets Downton Abbey (Finally!)

Downton AbbeyAccording to Gossip, Downton Abbey was a hot topic among certain Upper East Siders last night, to which I say: About damn time! Honestly, while they're nearly a century and a pond apart, there are plenty of parallels between the decadent, soapy lives of the Crawleys of Downton Abbey and decadent, soapy lives of those scheming rich kids (and parents) of the Big Apple. No wonder Lily van der Woodsen could barely tear her eyes from the drama unfolding on her screen throughout her show's latest episode (or so we hear)—she probably saw a lot of herself, not to mention her family and friends, in the miniseries. Just, you know, with cooler accents.

Gossip GirlHere's hoping for more crossover action. Maybe Lily should throw a theme party? Dan and Blair might make a cute Bates and Anna. Or—as I picture the extremely fashionable and snobby Ms. Waldorf's horror at the suggestion—maybe not.

What are your favorite examples of fictional worlds colliding? Personally, I'm always thrilled when Castle pays homage to Nathan Fillion's previous (beloved) role as Mal in the canceled-too-soon Firefly... How about you?



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