May 31 2011 9:33am

For the Love of...True Blood Season Four!

Woot! HBO has offered up the first three minutes of the brand-new True Blood season, and we cannot wait.

True Blood begins again June 26th. And meanwhile, take a gander at 180 seconds of sexy goodness.

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Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@TheSpinecracker, so that means that bellboy guy is a fairy, too? I'm slow, I know. And what the heck were they eating?
Jessica Turner
3. TheSpinecracker
Yeah remember when they were in that hotel in season 2 and she was freaking out because they could hear each others thoughts he just kept telling her to shut the hell up and leave him alone. lol

I'm gonna say that those pears somehow make you stay in fairy or at least become dependant on them or something... and thats why grandpa thinks he's been there only a week....and hasnt aged!
(pure speculation. I haven't read the books)
Louise Partain
4. Louise321
Does anyone listen to National Public Radio? I heard this guy do a riff last night on True Blood and the new DVD coming out at the same time as Season 4 and how Vampires have had to make room for zombies on the small screen and then last season for fairies and maybe witches this season but how vampires manage from decade to decade to reinvent themselves. Very clever stuff! If you want to hear the whole thing and it is entertaining here's the address:
Jessica Turner
5. TheSpinecracker
@Louise: *raises hand* I listen to NPR. But hadn't heard this. Sounds funny. Thanks for the link!
Tuduce Flavia Adriana
6. Flavia Adriana
I read the books and they are very different from the TV show! But I liked them both.
I think that time passes differently in the fairy world and those fruits have to be something like a drug.
I can't wait to see some more!
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