May 9 2011 8:30am

For the Love of...Saying I Love You First!

A new study finds that in the majority of couples (two-thirds!), it's the male partners who say “I love you” first.

But researchers point out what every woman already knows: Men's motivations for saying the three little words are different than women's. 'Cause, duh, there's usually sex involved.

So—in your relationships, who's said it first?

photo courtesy of bulletsoul

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Amelia James
1. Amelia James
My husband said it first. So did my heroes in both my novels. Thought I was being unique, but I guess not. ;)
Amelia James
2. Vassiliki
How funny! Huzbah declared it first, too! (5 weeks into relationship). It freaked me out but I stuck around because I liked him. However, I have told him that next time he should hold off for at least 3 months.
Megan Frampton
4. MFrampton
Hey ladies--my husband said it first, too, although he has repeated it perhaps 10x in the 20+ years we've been together? Let's just say he was a few sheets to the wind the first time he said it, and now only says it when one or the other of us is about to go on a plane without the other.
Laura K. Curtis
5. LauraKCurtis
I said it first, but in the "you know I love you, but..." kind of way. I don't remember who said it seriously first, but I do know it took my DH two years to do so. And when he did, he said it via email--of course, most of our relationship was conducted via email, so that's not a big surprise!
6. cicatricella
I totally said it first, as I learnt the hard way, via a series of one sided relationships, that it was better to figure out how everyone felt early in the game. Anyway, I knew he loved me, but it took him a little while to say it back. Married 1 year come August!
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