May 25 2011 8:23am

For the Love of...Romance Novel-Based Board Games!

Canterbury Tales Board Game

The news that a game based on The Canterbury Tales is in the works made us wonder: What other games based on fiction could we dream up?

In the Canterbury Tales game, which sounds brillant by the way, the Guardian UK reports “you play a medieval pardoner who sells certificates delivering sinners from the eternal penalties brought on by these Seven Deadly Sins.” And in order to succeed and win the game, you have to try to lead the sinners into sin so you can sell more certificates.

A game where you have to lead sinners into sin. How fun is that?

Think how easy it'd be to design a game based on romance: The HEA is the goal, and you have to overcome increasingly black moments as you proceed through the game.

For example, the Black Dagger Brotherhood game would include fighting lessers, identifying and winning the love of your shellan, overcoming your particular personal demons, and getting delayed when Fritz serves Last Meal.

What books or series would you want to play a game based on?

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1. ged
Jane Eyre - pursue the haunted but fascinating hero through the gloomy house but careful! Land on a crazy wife square and it's a race against time as the house burns down.
Tonya Dull
2. Lupielupa
We could so have a game in Anita Blake universe and Fever world-KMM fever series. There are so many options.
Megan Frampton
3. MFrampton
@ged--Exactly! And you can get sidetracked by the boring but foxy St. John!
@Lupielupa--Ooh, the Fever-world, with all the mirror worlds and the creatures that could derail you from your goal. Perfect.
Tonya Dull
4. Lupielupa
If you fall to your knees and strip when V'Lane is near, you must go back to beginning. If you meet Christian when you land on a silver, you get to go again-like changing worlds with the stones.
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