May 20 2011 8:46am

For the Love of...Mr. Darcy in a Wet Shirt

If the world is ending tomorrow, don't you think this is what we should all be watching today?

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K.M. Jackson
1. kwanawrites
Thanks for this but why did you suck me in? Now I want to watch the whole DVD.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@kwanawrites--It doesn't take much to get any of us to want to watch the whole thing, does it? I do too now. Oh, Mr. Darcy!
Donna Cummings
3. Donna Cummings
Well, I am working on some revisions for this Regency. . .yes, I guess it's time to stop and do a little research.
SillyJaime @ Jaime 2.0
5. SillyJaime @ Jaime 2.0
I've never seen this movie version, and I totally want to now.
SillyJaime @ Jaime 2.0
6. Santa
Well, now that the world hasn't ended I have to say that I would watch this one again and again until it does which, from what I understand, is actually going to be on October 21st! So, it's Darcy's wet shirt for me which I intend to take up with me. ;)
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