May 9 2011 5:54pm

For the Love of...Johnny Depp in The Thin Man!

“I don't like a dame who gets noisy after a few sniffles.”

Yesterday it became official that Rob Marshall will be directing Johnny Depp in the role of Nick Charles in The Thin Man, originally played by William Powell back in 1934.

It'll be interesting to see how they approach the vast amounts of alcohol consumed during the course of the Charles' investigations. Just take a look at this compilation of clips from several of the Thin Man films. Can Depp pull off that quick-witted Powell charm? What modern screen couples approach the level of chemistry these two had? And who would you suggest play Nora Charles, delightfully originated by Myrna Loy in the first series?

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1. akajill
I love the idea of Johnny Depp as Nick Charles. He definitely has the suaveness with a glint in the eye to do it. He can definitely handle the crackling dialogue too. I am, however, hoping they will tone down the drunkeness in this remake. I was never able to watch the original movie because of the level of intoxication, but the book...oh, the book was fabulous. There is definitely drinking in it--they drink from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to bed--but it isn't quite as obvious as in the movie, it is more part of the scenery and hardly anyone is obnoxiously drunk. You barely notice it unless you are looking for it. So here is hoping they go to the true original source material for this remake. If they do, I will definitely be first in line.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@akajill: I agree, it's jarring to a modern viewer to see just how much alcohol is consumed. But I do like where she lines up the martinis so she can keep up with him! And the books, like you say, have a lot of drinking in them as well.
Carrie Strickler
3. DyslexicSquirrel
"I shouldn't even get him a birthday present. Imagine him going off and getting drunk... without me."

That's my kind of woman! lol
romance reader
4. bookstorecat
I hope they get someone funny to play Nora! I am not a Johnny Depp fan, but a strong female lead could make the re-make worth seeing.
7. Hatrack
I didn't look it up, but I'm pretty sure, 1934 was the first full calendar year after the repeal of Prohibition. I'm guessing that influenced how drinks were featured in the movies.

Not sure, but I think the actor you took the quote from in the video clip later became the butler Max (name?) on the Hart to Hart tv show circa 1980. The show was about a rich and stylish LA couple, the Harts, who solved mysteries. So, it had similarities to Nick and Nora Charles. The Harts had a dog too.
8. samicami
Doesn't she look a lot like Debra Messing? Or is that just me?
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