May 12 2011 8:31am

For the Love of...Charlaine Harris (You Go, Girl!)

While the debates rage on as to whether or not people should even continue to read Dead Reckoning, the latest book in Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood series (read Laurie Gold's Harris break-up, Natasha Carty's rant post-read, and Aliza Mann's continued satisfaction), confirms that Charlaine Harris is the fourth author to sell over 1 million Kindle books, “becoming the latest member of the 'Kindle Million Club.'” Stieg Larsson, James Patterson and Nora Roberts are the previous three.

Huh. Look at that; genre authors (crime, romance, paranormal) sell the most books. And two of this elite club are women; that's 50%, not bad for a genre that gets dissed more often than not.

So say what you want to about Charlaine Harris, the woman is representing for the genre.

(And, because Waiting Sucks, here's the True Blood Season Four trailer).

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Clare 2e
1. clare2e
I heard Charlaine Harris talking about how much she wants to keep getting better and growing as a writer, so some people may not love her most recent, but she's not trying to phone it in. I applaud her success and anyone's who can create characters people feel half so passionately about.

Re: the trailer. Though it's a little like an Obsession commercial, I like that Tara's going unbraided next season. She's got a lovely face, but a strong jaw, and all that angularity around her face made her look hard. So sue me, I'm shallow.
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