May 2 2011 8:21am

For the Love of...Bangable Brits

Who would you most like to do in the pantheon of British Literature? The Awl released its 111 Male Characters Of British Literature, In Order Of Bangability, and while one might  quibble with the order (Mr. Darcy is NOT number one?!?), it's hard to fault the Top Three:

3. Mr. Darcy (Pride and Prejudice)

2. Strider/Aragorn (The Lord of the Rings)

1. Mr. Rochester (Jane Eyre)

Take a gander at the list, then come back and give us your Top Three.

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1. jaynesmith
Mine would be
1/Nicholas De Fleury (House of Niccolo Series Dorothy Dunnett)
2/Francis Crawford (Lymond Series Dorothy Dunnett)
3/ Mr Darcy (Pride and Predudice )
Keira Soleore
3. KeiraSoleore
Here's my list:

Adam Dalgliesh by P.D. James
Chauvelin in Scarlet Pimpernel (as played by Ian McKellen)
Sydney Carton in A Tale of Two Cities

Pray tell, where is Richard Armitage (pardon me, Mr. Thornton)? And where are Rupert Penry Jones in Persuasion (he didn't act well but he looked good) and Matthew MacFadyen in P&P?
4. MistMiraHaven
Ok, I looked at the list and busted out laughing when I saw that Frankenstein's monster was the last one. Do they mean when he's in costume?!? And Aslan was on the list. WTF!?! Seriously it made me laugh. I would put Aragorn as number one on my list.
Susanna Fraser
5. Susanna Fraser
That list is just crazy, IMO. Aslan?! Given that he's just about the most Jesus-y Christ figure in all literature AND he's a lion, putting him on a bangability lists violates more taboos than I can count.

My top three:

1) Lord Peter Wimsey
2) Richard Sharpe
3) Boromir

(Yeah, I like Sean Bean.)
Cheryl Sneed
6. CherylSneed
My top two are fixed, but I can't narrow down the list to a third, so I'll stick with two:

1. Darcy - because, well, he's Darcy.
2. Lord Peter Wimsey - he's not the most physically imposing of men, but I'm sure he'd be a very thoughtful and generous lover. It would be all about me with Peter.

There were some odd names on that list. I've never read a Hercule Poirot book and thought, "ooh, baby, with your little grey cells and waxed mustache, do me!" And, how could there be Shakespeare characters on the list, but no Benedick from Much Ado? Much more bangable than Flastaff. Please.
Olivia Waite
7. O.Waite
@CherylSneed: Benedick! Of course! Much more bangable than, say, Lear, who did make the list.

My top three:
1. Captain Wentworth
2. Benedick
3. Mr. Darcy

I know I went into a tizzy about Darcy not being number one, but I started thinking about him in the book as opposed to him being played by Colin Firth, and I think if we look at the texts Wentworth has the edge.

I'm also stealing Benedick from Cheryl because, frankly, the combination of wordplay and passion is irresistible (see: Captain Wentworth).
8. MistMiraHaven
Boromir is definitely on my list too; yeah Boromir....
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