May 11 2011 8:00am

For the Love of...Spicing Up Your Sex Life!

You've begged him to read one of your hottest romance novels; he's forced you to watch Sin City until even you want to shag Rosario Dawson; but what can the two of you do together?

Well, natch, there's an app for that. Several, actually.

The not creatively-named Sex & Marriage app offers:

Practical tips and suggestions to discover true intimacy with your spouse and enjoy your marriage in a way YOU COULDN'T EVEN IMAGINE!

It features:

- love tips
- spicy games
- practical suggestions to enjoy marriage
- advice to reach a deeper intimacy
- send the tips you find more useful by email!

And then there's Hot Game—The Sexy Scratch Game (seriously, who names these things?) which is

“the first scratch game on iPhone. You can scratch the card to help you find crazy foreplay, places and position. Follow our advice and have a lot of fun.”

What's the nuttiest way you've ever tried to spice up your love life?

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Aliza Mann
1. AlizaMann
I was really hoping this was Android, but alas, it's available from my iPad... you know, the one that my 11 year old son has downloaded his World of War game to and plays for a couple hours at a time unsupervised.
I can hear the questions now... "Mom, what's motion lotion?"
I'll have to pass on this... until I buy the boy an iPod Touch! LOL
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@AlizaMann--My 11 year-old already has his own iPod, and I have an iPhone! Could be fun, right?
Carrie Strickler
3. DyslexicSquirrel
I always want to shag Roasario Dawson (and I don't play for that team) and I kind of think I would be the one to suggest watching Sin City (just like I'm always the one in the relationship with the power tools). That was an awesome movie and I'm a bit of a dork.
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