May 13 2011 4:02pm

Triangles and Missed Angles: Favorite Vampire Diaries Couples

Paul Wesley, Nina Dobrev, and Ian Somerhalder as Stefan, Elena, and Damon in The Vampire DiariesTHE TRIANGLES:

Damon/Elena/Stefan — [highlight for spoilers] “Elena kissed Stefan” was a global Twitter trend last night [highlight for spoilers]—do we take that to mean the majority of fans are Team Delena? We're very curious to see where both Stelena and Delena go next season after the events of last night's TVD season finale—any guesses?

Damon/Katherine/Stefan — After spending the season convincing Damon she only wanted Stefan ever, [highlight for spoilers] Katherine's now tossing out, as she leaves for who-knows-where, that she loved both brothers.  But she uses “did” in the past tense. Will she join Klaus' roadshow to stay close to Bad Stefan? Does it even count if Bad Stefan takes comfort with her? [highlight for spoilers] I see that as a possibility, but Damon's keening for K. seems to have cooled as his passion for Elena has increased. Has this triangle turned into a line segment?

Matt, Caroline, and Tyler in The Vampire Diaries




Alaric (John Gilbert)/Jenna/Isobel — Matt Davis as Alaric seems somehwat wasted.  His love for comtemptuous Isobel (again, another confession of love from a female vampire on her way out...all the way out) made him seem a little pathetic. The Jenna thing made sense, but was more mac-and-cheese than electric. Turn this guy back into a dangerous Van Helsing, let him rack up some kills, and gain back his cool creds. Use him for something edgy!  It's tough, I know, to make a history teacher sexy, but the writers could try. Maybe give him a creepy Lolita stalker? Something. It's weird that he and John Gilbert seemed always to be fighting over spooning the same dish on the buffet line.  Of course, that's over with John's gone-ness. This triangle has collapsed into a dot!

Tyler/Caroline/Matt — Tragically, both Matt and Tyler were MIA last night, and while we can't speak for all Caro fans, a vocal few of us would much rather have gotten some Tyler/Caroline than all that mother-daughter stuff.



THE MISSED ANGLES: Those personal geometries the writers flirted with and dropped or never considered.

The cast of The Vampire DiariesBonnie/Damon —  When they truly detested each other, the relationship had explosive potential, and the actors worked against each other well.  Like Elena, Bonnie's also illegally young, but centuries of dead witch experience inside her makes her old beyond her apparent years, like a vampire. 

And, as we know, a frustrated Damon is a delicious Damon.

Caroline/Stefan — When Stefan was teaching her how to control herself as a new vampire, they developed a relationship that teetered upon the confusingly intimate.  Super-tempting! Caro understands his struggle in a way Elena can't, and she's become so interesting since she turned. Should she chase down Ripper Stefan and return the favor, re-introducing him to his self-control, turning around and saving him right back, like in Pretty Woman? Are you feeling it?

Damon/Stefan — Intense boy-and-boy relationship isn't entirely feasible on network television (yet), and the incest factor pushes it right over the line.  However, let's daydream. For the many female fans of M/M romance or fans of Multiple Partners, including siblings, is this slash that would make you squick or squee?

So tell us: What's your favorite triangle? Are you a die-hard fan of any particular pairing? Cast your vote(s) in the comments!

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Alie V
1. ophelial
I love Elena/Stefan personally, but I see the chemistry between Elena/Damon too. Coming from the angle of the books and being a traditionalist at heart, I side more heartily with Elena/Stefan. (Hence my icon).
2. shnnonB.
Ok, you totally left out my fave...what about Damon & Alaric? Come on...they would be soooo hot together!

And I am totally down with Caroline & Stefan. They would be so cute together.
Heather Waters
3. HeatherWaters
I already showed my hand while tweeting for H&H last night, but I'm totally Team Caroline/Tyler.

If I had to choose in the Stefan/Elena/Damon war, I guess I'd go with Damon/Elena, but I love the back-and-forth between the three of them. They all have good chemistry, imo. Really, I find the whole cast does. Great casting.

@shnnonB. -- *headdeask* You're right, how could we have left them out?! There was such a great moment last night too, where Alaric was going to drown himself in alcohol until he found out Damon was dying--then he jumped right in again to help.
4. shannonB.
Not to mention the fact that Ian and Matt Davis are totally hot! Maybe throw Elena in there and make it a threesome occasionally? lol
5. Callysta
Most definitely Damon & Elena!
Clare 2e
6. clare2e
Totally @shannonB If we're going there, and the brother thing's wack, let's Damoric!
Heather Waters
7. HeatherWaters
YAY TEAM FORWOOD! (That was for you, Clare.)

@ephramyfan -- So happy to see a Stelena fan! (Love your icon.) I admit I lean more towards Damon/Elena, but I like Stefan/Elena too. They all have good chemistry, I think!

@shannonB. -- This is true! Lots of eye candy for sure. Of course, we're talking about what--according to Victoria's Secret--is the hottest cast of people on TV right now, so really any combination would be pretty!

@Callysta -- Annnd Damon/Elena fans have entered the fray, excellent! Thanks for voting. :)
8. Maeve
Who says you have to leave anyone out? Damon/Elena/Stefan OT3 all the way!
Alie V
9. ophelial
@redline_ Thanks! Glad to see there are no shipper wars here :)
10. anderpunk
Damon/Elena will always be my OTP, but I will admit that I am not as "Ack! Stelena!" as I used to be. I can still see what people like about them.

As for missed angles I LOVE the idea of Stefan/Caroline. While I still kind of like Caroline with Matt, I really think that her and Stefan would have a lot of potential.
11. Triana
Damon & Elena! There's no better couple in the series.
Clare 2e
12. clare2e
@anderpunk Glad you're on board with Caro/Stefan. We could at least try it out!

@Triana- Then let's really have it happen already!
13. Chels
Damon/Elena is my Vampire Diaries OTP. I think I had heart palpitations during the season finale.

I also love the possibilities of Tyler/Caroline, Elijah/Katherine, and Stefan/Katherine. (Heh, guess it'll be really interesting to see where Katherine winds up next season.)

I can definitely see the appeal of Caroline/Stefan too, and I'm totally open to that pairing. And if I wasn't so hardcore on the Damon/Elena ship, I would definitely be shipping Damon/Alaric. Their bromance is EPIC. I hope they stay besties throughout the series ;)
14. Slyn
Loved the books as a teen, and I love the show even more. I am always team Damon no matter what. Stefan bores me. If I had to choose in that particular triangle it would be Damon/Elena.

But my heart has always been with Damon/Bonnie. I love their interactions in the book, and I hope they explore that dynamic on the show.

On the Caroline front - I can go either way. I find Matt able to emote better which makes angsty scenes with him a better watch. But I do like the chemistry between Tyler and Caroline as well. And personally I loved the scenes with her mother during the finale.

Alaric - so glad he didn't die. I was worried there for a bit. I think he will become the new parental figure for Elena and Jer...though that seems like certain death on this show. I love the Damon and Alaric bromance. Awesome that Damon has a buddy.

Jeremy - such a sweetie with those big brown eyes. But he lacks the edge to be paired with Bonnie. They need to inject a third party there.
15. rochellet

I think Elena and Damon are SO going to get close with Stephan on a rampage with Klaus... I'd so pick Damon but then he didn't almost kill my brother and several other of my close friends. History teachers can TOTALLY be sexy (I am one ha ha) so I look forward to Alaric getting back in the game. Although I was bummed about Jenna.

And what the heck is happening to poor Jeremy? Talk about a love triangle there at the end?!

And Caroline and Tyler, yes, go for it!

Can't wait for Season 3. Anyone who is a fan of the books though, can you tell me if they get any better after the first two? They were horrible and I hated Elena. I'd go back to them if they get any better...
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