May 16 2011 1:25pm

Downton Abbey Inspires Tourism; Visiting Fictional Settings in Real Places

Would you travel to visit a real place peopled by fictional characters?

Apparently for a lot of us, the answer is a resounding YES! Seems that one out of ten British people want to head to Highclere Castle, the real place that serves as the backdrop for the fictional Downton Abbey. Perhaps they're hoping to kindle their own Bates and Anna romance?

Twilight fans have already been flocking—and continue to flock—to Forks, Washington, the rainy place where Twilight is set. Sparkling encouraged!

Many Jane Austen fans have headed to Bath, where they can visit the Jane Austen Centre and see for themselves the places that inspired both Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. Oh, Captain Wentworth!

So what fictional place based on a real place would you like to visit? How about visiting a fictional place (don't everybody say Middle Earth or Narnia!)?

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Megan Frampton
1. MFrampton
Okay, so I wrote this post, but as I was writing it, I was recalling back in fifth grade when each of the students had to pick a state to focus on for a paper. Because I was playing Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz at the time, I picked Kansas.
My teacher tried to dissuade me, likely 'cause she knew there wasn't much for me to write about (YOU try writing about Kansas based on one '70s encyclopedia), but I would not be deterred. All I remember now is that it was flat.
Laura T.
2. Laura T.
I would love to go to Celta, the planet that Robin D. Owens' "Heart" series is based in.

And, of course, Narnia. ::sheepish::
Beccy Higman
3. Jazzlet
When I was growing up we lived up the road from JRR Tolkien. People do guided tours that take in our street, both Tolkein fans and CS Lewis fans. I do find that strange, they just get to see the outside of a fairly boring suburban detached house.

I have visited Noth Lees Hall which is supposed to be the place that inspired Thornfield Hall in Jane Eyre, but that was mainly because there is a lovely walk from my friends house past there and The Vivat Trust who own it (and let it out as a holiday property) were having an open day one time when we were passing. It was a lot smaller than I imagine Thornfield Hall to have been.
Tonya Dull
4. Lupielupa
I so want to go to Ireland. I want to be in Fever-world Dublin. Maybe spot Mac in Temple Bar. So many Nora Roberts books happen there. Irish casltles, green rolling hills in the country side. I admit my books make me want to see all those places even more.
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