May 18 2011 12:09pm

Doomsday Sex: A Different Kind of Rapture

So apparently the world might end this Saturday. Doomsday, and all. What if there were a way—a very pleasant way—to stave off the world's end?

As romance readers, we've seen this kind of thing before, as in, 'hey, we've got to have to sex to save the world!' Or, 'if we allow ourselves to follow our hearts, we will doom the world!,' making the choice of what to do awfully tough (can you see the hero talking it out? “On one hand, there's the whole death and destruction thing; on the other hand, sex!”)

In Sherrilyn Kenyon's upcoming Retribution, the hero and heroine are “Brought together by an angry god and chased by ancient enemies out to kill them both[...]. [T]hey must find a way to overcome their mutual hatred or watch as one of the darkest of powers rises and kills both the races they’ve sworn to protect.”

In other words, they have to get busy or they might cause the world to end. Get busy, guys!

Jessica Andersen's Nightkeepers series posits that Doomsday will actually be December 21, 2012, based on some Mayan calendar shenanigans. In the debut book of the series, Nightkeepers, “the king must choose between his duty to avert the 2012 apocalypse and his love for the woman who is the gods' destined sacrifice.”

Tough choice, dude!

Most of Meljean Brook's Guardians series heroes and heroines have equally high stakes. In Demon Bound, “The seductive and dangerous world of the Guardians now yields a secret that threatens the soul of a woman and the fate of the universe...they’re about to discover a hellish secret about the Guardians—something that will change their universe forever.”

Talk about a rock and a hard place!

So if the world does end this Saturday, now you have some thoughts for Friday night. In other words, don't worry about the laundry.

Can you think of books where the fate of the world rests on having some first-class nookie?


Megan Frampton is the Community Manager, Romance, for the HeroesandHeartbreakers site. She lives in Brooklyn, NY, with her husband and son, and will never start reading a book without also having a bookmark.

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
It's so humbling, really, the sacrifices these heroes and heroines are willing to make to save the world. Cheers to them.

I hope Mulder and Scully are in a similar situation in the 2012 alien invasion movie that NEEDS TO HAPPEN.
Megan Frampton
2. MFrampton
@redline_ Sadly, my takeaway from all this pondering is that I don't have to do the laundry until maybe, just maybe, Sunday.
Saving the world through sex--sure, but not doing laundry? Awesome!
3. torifl
My doomsday will involve liquer, wings, and a superhero costume. Lets just leave it at that shall we? :P

But I commend everyone who will shag their way to saving the world.
Cathy Chen
4. CChen
You really have to get the timing right on this. Leave just enough time for some post-coitus cuddling before the fire and brimstone but not too much time in case your partner starts snoring (a very unromantic end!)
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