Apr 29 2011 6:57am

Princess Catherine’s Wedding Dress: Discuss!

The run-up to the royal wedding is over. Let the fashion and beauty talk reign supreme! She could have chosen any designer, any dress in the world, and Kate Middleton chose to become Princess Catherine in this one by Sarah Burton of Alexander McQueen.  What do you think?

Princess Catherine’s wedding dress

Princess Catherine’s wedding dress with train


By the way, isn't it reminiscent of Grace Kelly's dress with the long-sleeved lace over the strapless bustier? (More on royal wedding fashion here!)















(William & Kate thumbnail image by Matt Dunham, AP. For more, visit AOL's Royal Wedding page.)

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Heather Waters
1. HeatherWaters
Love it. It's so elegant and will hold up very well, I think. She's a beautiful bride. And so graceful!
Wendy S. Marcus
2. Wendy S. Marcus
I thought Kate and her dress were beautiful. Oh to have her figure! I also loved all the hats!
Liz Maverick
3. Liz Maverick
@Wendy I certainly agree about her figure! Do you think she felt pressure to diet? Heh.
Aliza Mann
4. AlizaMann
The bodice was a real treat. Love those sleeves. And the simplification of the skirt and train captured kate's, sorry Princess Kate's style. It was a win, really. Bridget Jones is happy today :-)
Heather Waters
5. HeatherWaters
Oh to have her figure!

Agreed! Yes, those hats. Always so fun to watch out for.

Wonder if Kate knew her dress would remind so many of Grace Kelly's? (GK is trending on Twitter right now!) Or is that a silly question?
Liz Maverick
6. Liz Maverick
I think I might be the only one who thought the dress boring and derivative. Why bother getting Sarah Burton to design if you're not going to let her design? I mean, Alexander McQueen designs are modern and edgy. I was hoping for something more.
Wendy S. Marcus
7. Barbara W
The very first thing I thought when I saw it was that it was reminiscent of Grace Kelly's. I don't think I like the way the solid part makes her chest looks though - we all know from how thin she's gotten that she doesn't have breasts like that anymore and they really look like they're fake or at the very least, formed.

Her hair was nice - I'm glad she wore it down, it suits her and she definitely was glowing and looked really happy.
Liz Maverick
8. Liz Maverick
@Barbara W I was thinking the same thing--that her weight loss kind of affected her chest.
Heather Waters
9. HeatherWaters
@lizmaverick--Oh, I dunno, she's not really edgy normally (at least from what I've seen), so I didn't expect it here. I think this dress suits her. It's a classic style, which is what she seems to go for. I'm a fan!
Megan Frampton
10. MFrampton
I like this dress, but I agree with @lizmaverick that it's very traditional, not at all edgy. But I bet people would've had a hue and cry if it was cutting edge, what with the pomp and circumstance and all. Plus it has to look good in perpetuity, and I think this dress will.
Heather Waters
11. HeatherWaters
@MFrampton--Same here. It was a safer choice, no doubt, but I don't think that's a bad thing. Edgy could have gone horribly awry.
Wendy S. Marcus
12. Seleste deLaney
I like the simplicity of the skirt and train, but I'm not a fan of the rest. I agree that the bodice looks...stuffed and not natural, and I don't like how the lace is open in the front. It almost looks like some bizarre concession to look sexier by being open, but it doesn't.

As far as edgy versus safe, I wouldn't have expected her to go really radical. However, she picked a designer known for more modern stuff, so this style is going to come across as rather meh for anyone who was expecting to see something really different. *shrug*
Wendy S. Marcus
13. torifl
I loved Kate's dress. Burton does fabulous work. I didn't like it on Kate though. Or maybe I would have liked it she hadn't adobted such a casual hair style. Something about it all didn't work for me. I was thinking she would go strapless for some reason.
Liz Maverick
14. Liz Maverick
@Seleste and @torifl Part of my problem with the dress is that it feels dated already. I mean, Monique L's (not even going to try to spell her name) been doing the lace top thing for the last five years. Snoooooze. Tori, I think that's about as strapless as they were going to let her go, LOL.

Since I'm going there...ALSO, for some reason the way she was wearing the veil looked all Hummel peasant-y to me.
K.M. Jackson
15. kwanawrites
The dress grows on me the more I look at it. She's beautiful in it and it's one that will stand the picture test for years and years.
I will say I did initially like the bodice more than the bottom but upon review it is all working now.
And yes so very Grace Kelly. I think a nod to the commoner becoming a princess.
Wendy S. Marcus
16. cwajda
I love it. I wasn't expecting anything edgy, so the fact that it has any sex appeal at all is amazing to me. It's traditional and romantic, classy and sexy all at once, without reminding me of too-sweet pastry. Tough to pull off, so thumbs up from me!
Laurie Gold
17. LaurieGold
I guess I'm looking at it from a different standpoint. No matter how forward-thinking the designer, at that level it's about the craftsmanship, the tailoring, and what goes into the design that we don't even see. I agree that at the bust this had a "Batman's codpiece" look to it, but the exaggerated hip and bust, with the corseting, was elegant. More importantly, she looked comfortable, not easy to do with millions of eyes looking at you, and I think in part that was because she felt good in her dress. Old-fashioned? Yes. Derivative? Debatable. But certainly perfectly made and a dress that, unlike Diana's, held up well after the ride to the church.
Wendy S. Marcus
18. Izziep
Simply perfect! She is a Beautiful woman and the dress was prfect to let that beauty shine!
Regina Thorne
19. reginathorn
Wow, her dress REALLY looks like Grace Kelly's. On the other hand, Grace Kelly's dress still looks good 55 years later, unlike Diana's wedding dress from 1982 which looks a bit ridiculous. (In my opinion, of course!)
Wendy S. Marcus
20. tbriez
I love the dress. Very "Tudor". I think she looked very royal, graceful, and timeless. The perfect dress for a princess - possibly Queen some day.
Wendy S. Marcus
21. bungluna
I think I prefer the sister's dress, which, imo, would make a lovely wedding gown.
Wendy S. Marcus
22. Wendy S. Marcus
@liz From what I've seen, she's always been slender. I used to be slender!

And I think her dress was classic and regal, like her.
Clare 2e
23. clare2e
Yes, as a fashion statement it's not "out there", but I'm in the camp that is please and surprised at how elegant and timeless it is. Her hair down, the dangles at her ears create an appealing, approachable, feminine look, not an architectural confection, which emphasizes more the position over the person.
Wendy S. Marcus
24. amanda mccabe
Yes, very Grace Kelly! I think it's perfect for the occasion, very elegant, classic, and flattering. It's only derivative in the sense that all classic wedding gowns are--she's never "edgy" and a royal wedding isn't an edgy, go-for-daring thing, so I wasn't expecting anything else. :) (and hopefully this will inspire a new trend for more sleeves in wedding gowns! Strapless is not NEARLY as universally flattering as some brides seem to think...)

And I would wear Pippa's dress in a minute if I could find one for myself!
Keira Soleore
25. KeiraSoleore
I found the dress very flattering to her body and to the image she wanted to project for the ceremony she was undergoing. I think the design choices made by her and by Sarah was right on the money. The tailoring was equisite and it fit her just right everywhere except those pointy boobs and hanging a bit lower. Those were the only points of discord in an otherwise marvelous dress.

She was comfortable in it and at the same time she knew she looked beautiful, so there was stature to her body. She's the first bride I've seen who has managed her train gracefully.
Wendy S. Marcus
26. MiramistHaven
I loved Princess Catherine's dress! It is so regal and beautiful. She looked so graceful. I am so glad she did not go for strapless; I have never liked the strapless gowns and feel they aren't special enough nor beautiful enough for a bride's wedding day. I though her dress might be poofier, but when I saw it I instantly loved it and applauded her choice!
Wendy S. Marcus
27. Giulia
The strong point of the dress was its simplicity. Its weak point was... its simplicity. And also I would think that she would not wear white, given that she has been co-habitating already with Prince William!
Wendy S. Marcus
28. treemstreasures
I felt that the dress was dissapointing. I agree that the bodice looked "fake" and although I loved the veil for some reason I thought she looked like a postulant waiting ti take her veil in a religious order! Beautiful, but holy? Hard to explain. Did anyone think she looked nervous or contrived?
Wendy S. Marcus
29. dolly
I think the dress was pretty, but it didn't have the stunning, fairytale, princess look I was expecting. I didn't like her veil and her bouquet of flowers was too small.
Wendy S. Marcus
30. genevieve
Has anyone thought of Princess Margaret's first wedding? The silhouette of Princess Kate's gown (the way the folds lay/the V neck line/the tight fitting sleeve) is very similiar to that beautiful gown of the Queen's sister! Of course it was a classic design which was indicative of Grace Kelly & quite naturally it brings her to mind. As to the bodice: it mimicked the brassiere of a bygone era & I thought it grand!
Traci Parrott
32. reject
This young woman exuded grace and class (IMHO class is a thing most young women lack in this day and age) and the dress matched it. Edgy? What were you wanting? Lady Gaga's meat cutlet catastrophy? She's a princess, a possible future queen, not a cheap pop star. And it's about darned time somebody has the balls to put sleeves back on a wedding gown...I've had it with strapless and sleeveless dresses that look so unflattering on most brides. They are a handsome young couple and I pray to the Christ that the world leaves them alone enough that their relationship has a chance to succeed.
Tara B
33. box5angel
I thought she looked beautiful. A tad thin though. I didn't care for the dress at all. It looks like something I've seen before (and not Grace Kelly's dress, lol). Plus, I've seen much, much prettier on those wedding dress shows I watch on We tv and TLC.
Myretta Robens
34. Myretta
The hills are alive

Wendy S. Marcus
35. Christiana
First, I don't want anyone to get me wrong, The dress Princess Catherine wore was Beautiful. It just didn't live up to the hype.

That being said, I liked the simplicity of it. Princess Diana's dress was so over the top, and swallowed her. I think that the clean lines, and delicate lace of Princess Catherine's Dress was so much more elegant. Yes a bit reminiscent of Grace Kelly's, but still an elegant, practical choice for a modern bride. Too often these days I see wedding gowns that are barely there. It was a refreshing moment seeing a classically beautiful gown, with modern updates that was something I myself would have chosen. However, She's a Princess now, and I know I am not the only one who expected a bit more sparkle.
Charlene Saeva
36. char89120
Is nobody going to comment on haw much better it looked than LadyDi's?
With the requiremments of having the wedding at the Abby - long sleeves and God forbid strapless, I think it worked very well.
desi reilly
37. desitheblonde
the dress she chose was her choice and then she is going to the next queen and then she need to be the next one in line and will be the one of the best next to the queen
Olivia Waite
38. O.Waite
I thought the day dress was pretty, but have you seen the satin wedding dress she wore later that evening? The skirt was incredible!
Wendy S. Marcus
39. Constance
The gown was exactly what I was expecting to see, It was the simple fit and flare elegance that she prefers to wear. I loved that the fullness that was needed for the Cathedral was accomplished with pleats.
Wendy S. Marcus
40. Lady Versailles
I liked the gown, the sleeves were quite beautiful. Much better than the Princess of Wales's in 1981. Although I was immensely disappointed with Catherine's Tiara choice, it should have been more stately and visible, perhaps similar to the Queen's Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara.
Patricia Kasner
41. bluebear
The dress is great. Too many people wanted it to be really facy
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