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MI-5 Spooks, Season 8, Ep 6 Recap

The Cast of MI-5/SpooksSeason 8 of the British espionage show MI-5 continues in episode 6, with the usual mayhem associated with the series: Long-running characters being offed, others being traitors, lots of murky bits inbetween right and wrong. So if you like Richard Armitage and high-stakes action drama, we've got it covered. MI-5 is available on DVD and Netflix, et al, but not shown on any networks. So far, we've done episode 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Episode 6 continues . . . now!

Ros and CIA Chick are at an MI-5 safe house interrogating one Ryan Baisley (Ewen Bremner, who was in Trainspotting), a DeWits employee who has been working as an MI-5 asset for four months. They want the account details that he has been secretly recording.

But Baisley has other plans—he wants $5 million dollars instead of the measly (to him) $200,000 he’s been promised for his efforts. CIA Chick wants MI-5 to turn Baisley over to them so that they can force the information out of him. Ros makes a joke about ‘water sports’ and CIA Chick indignantly announces that they don’t do that anymore. Baisley’s addiction to nicotine saves his life when a team of assassins breaks into the safe house. Spying them from the roof while taking a cigarette break, he manages to escape, but he’s now alone and on the run for his life. The assassins also kill Baisley’s girlfriend and her child, which is just despicable.

Harry issues a news blackout on the information about Baisley’s girlfriend and her son. If Baisley finds out, he’ll never give MI-5 the account numbers. Local cops have picked up his ex-wife and child to keep them safe. Lucas believes that Baisley was being sent a message to keep his mouth shut. Really, Lucas, you think?

Lucas NorthLucas goes to see CIA Chick at her sterile white flat that nonetheless has an amazing view of the Thames. Once again, Slim Shady is keeping information from him. She reluctantly reveals that there is a $30 million dollar bounty on Baisley’s head. As a reward, Lucas decides to have sex with her. And I need to wash my eyeballs with bleach.

Harry informs the Home Secretary about Baisley’s escape. The Home Secretary is in a panic. Once again, Britain is caught with its pants down (as is Lucas!). The Home Secretary tells Harry that Britain is temporarily bankrupt because of a financial phenomenon called the “Henshaw Principle,” in which the UK becomes a Third World country overnight. It sounded incredibly real, but I googled it and it doesn’t exist. The Government doesn’t have enough money to honor its national debt payments and Section D needs to retrieve more than a billion pounds of illegal earnings from the impenetrable DeWits bank to help.

With the country close to economic collapse, they need to find Baisley as soon as possible. When Ros arrives at the police station, she learns that someone else claiming to be from MI-5 is already there. Ros shoots the thug and takes Baisley’s wife and daughter Leah to another safe house. Tina tells Ros that Baisley was expecting a windfall of millions. The DNA from the assassins indicates that they are Mossad agents.

****SPOILER ALERT********Ros tells Harry her theory that Beasley had planned to try and make a deal with DeWits, which is why they are now trying to kill him. At Liverpool St. Station, Baisley goes into an Internet café to send an email. Both the assassins and MI-5 are tracking him through his mobile phone. Who will get to him first? Lucas gets Tariq to send Baisley a text message telling him to answer his mobile if he wants to live. When Baisley answers, Ros tells him to memorize a phone number and then dump his phone. The assassins lose Baisley’s trail. When Baisley calls the number Ros gave him from a pay phone, Ros lies and tells him that his girlfriend and her son are safe. The MI-5 team arrives at Liverpool St. Station, but Baisley is a slippery little s**t and gets away.

Harry and Ros pay a visit to DeWits bank manager, Irvin Perrot, to try and suss out who or what exactly is after Baisley, but Perrot is cagey and gives them no information. The Home Secretary reiterates how dire Britain’s financial situation is without the money from DeWits; no civil servant, including MI-5 agents, will be paid for six months. Harry turns whiter than he already is, but tells the Home Secretary that he wants to attempt to break into the DeWits network. Boy Wonder Tariq has a plan, and if it succeeds they won’t need Baisley after all. So here goes: Lucas, posing as a Russian billionaire, goes to see Perrot. Tariq hacks into the network, causing it to shut down. While Perrot goes to see his head of security, Lucas opens the CPU on his desk, but their system has been upgraded, and the bug he plants doesn’t work. The accounts they access have missing numbers; they will need Baisley after all.

Ruth notices that there is one account however, based in Switzerland, that has had a great deal of activity around the time of the Basel meeting. Tariq interrupts to tell Ros that Baisley called Perrot’s office and typed in what looks like an account number. Ruth manages to get an address that is linked to the account and gives it to Ros. Lighting some matches, she tucks them under the door knocker. Smelling smoke, Baisley attempts to escape out the back door, but Ros grabs him. When Ros demands the account details, Baisley reiterates that he deserves to have just a little of it. Ros confronts him with some hard truths, that DeWits will see him dead before they give him any money. His only hope is for MI-5 to help him into hiding.

As they are leaving, they are caught in the crossfire of a shootout. Although Ros sees off the hit men, Baisley slips away again, leaving Section D back at square one. Seriously, how is that MI-5 can’t catch one skinny little Scottish weasel? Why didn’t Ros just thump him over the head with her gun? Or wing him?

Ruth discovers that the men they thought were after Baisley couldn’t possibly have been because they were seen in other places at the time of the attacks. Lucas reveals that it is an old CIA trick called something like ‘chicken cooping’ in which they find men who are similarly built to someone they want to frame and then plant DNA evidence to make it look like they were involved. He confronts CIA Chick who whines that he gets all “judgey” when she tells him about tactics the old CIA used, not like the new CIA that she works for that cares about people. In fact that should be their new slogan. “The CIA: We Care About People.” Putting on her usual innocent act, she reveals that one of the men is named Martin Lewis. He was a CIA agent and is now a gun for hire.

Harry is worried that Ros is suffering from transference, that because she couldn’t save Jo, she wants to save Baisley at all cost. Ros goes off the radar and grabs Perrot, stringing him up by a noose in an abandoned warehouse until he reveals when his exchange with Baisley will take place. Ros calls Harry to let him know that Baisley is walking into an ambush at Euston Station. Harry tells her to wait for the team to arrive, not to try anything heroic, yeah like that’s going to happen.

Ros manages to get to Baisley, and they manage to get him out. In the car, Baisley hears a news report that the bodies of his girlfriend and her son were found murdered. He accuses Ros of lying to him. She admits it, telling him that she lies a lot, it's part of her job. Baisley reveals that the information was taped to his body the entire time. Well, at least it wasn’t tattooed, although come on, wouldn’t a flash drive have been more convenient?

Meanwhile, Ruth's investigations into the power meeting at Basel pay off when she discovers something called “Nightingale.” The team must find out what, or who, Nightingale is. The economy is safe, but the Home Secretary ends up being a casualty of the secret conspiracy. Photos of the Home Secretary with members of organized crime are broadcast on the nightly news, and Ruth discovers an account at DeWits in his name that contains four million pounds. Oops! He’s forced to resign. Harry tells Lucas that the last thing that Samuel Walker was working on was airline tickets for CIA officers. They now have proof that CIA Chick was at the meeting in Basel.

****OMG I TOTALLY DID’T SEE THAT COMING SPOILER ALERT**** Lucas, once again, is sent to confront CIA Chick, this time wearing a wire. I’m gathering that informing her superiors is not an option since they don’t know who else in the CIA might be involved in this conspiracy or how high it might go. To get her to trust him, he takes the risk of pulling off his wire. CIA Chick has this look on her face like she’s surprised that MI-5 was onto her. She admits that she was at the Basel meeting, but then she spins some story about how she was undercover to find out about Nightingale, and that Walker was corrupt. God, she is so good that I almost believe her. Lucas is certainly buying her BS.

Martin Lewis, the former CIA agent who tried to kill Baisley, is at Sarah’s door. She begs Lucas to kill him. When Lucas hesitates, she kills him herself. She tells Lucas to drop his gun, that she can’t let him live. OMG, she is totally going to kill him. I can’t look. Shots ring out. Holy crap, Lucas is not dead, but CIA Chick is gone. What just happened? Why did she let him live?

Back at HQ, Ruth gets the courage to ask Harry for a drink! Yes, excuse me while I do the happy dance! Finally, these two crazy kids are going to get together instead of just gazing longingly at each other. And then Tariq totally ruins the moment by informing Harry that he needs to see something. Hear that sound? That’s me, sticking a pin in my Tariq voodoo doll.

Okay, it turns out that it was something important. All the money in the Nightingale account has been transferred to Pakistan. Color me confused, what does Pakistan have to do with all this? I thought the Americans and the Chinese were involved.

Perhaps all will be explained next episode—and Ruth and Harry will finally get that drink.


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