Apr 28 2011 8:09am

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 Trailer!

This brand-new trailer for Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows has just been unleashed into the world; you like?

Meanwhile, at H&H HQ, the Harry Potter Virgin Club Roundtable is very excited to catch up in time for the film's release.

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Keira Gillett
1. Keira
I can't wait for the last film but there a few things I'm not looking forward to which I know will be there - the Harry/Ginny romance (poorly written in both books/movies). It makes me cringe to watch it.

Spoilers for those who haven't read book 7...

I'm also probably one of the few who goes WTF when Molly Weasley attacks and then wins against Bellatrix LeStrange. Bella is scary, talented in the dark arts, a fantastic dueler, beat her cousin Sirius Black, tortured the Longbottom family, and she gets beat by a housewife with cooking skills? I don't think so. That battle should have gone to Neville, Hermione, or Harry, who all had beef with her.
Cheryl Sneed
2. CherylSneed
I can't wait! But it's going to be hard - I honestly started tearing up just seeing some favorites dead - or about to be dead - in the clip.

@Keira - don't sell Molly short - she is a member of the Order of the Phoenix (and in the original Order as well). Though she comes across as a den mother, she's an accomplished witch. And, never underestimate what a mother protecting her children is capable of.

Member, Molly Weasley Fan Club. ;-)
Stephanie Treanor
3. Streanor
You would think the excitement from this post would make me go into labor... no such luck yet.

@Keira I have to agree with the Harry/Ginny romance. The one moment when they kiss each other for the first time in the common room after a quiddich game was, in my opinion the only squee worthy scene and they took that out of the movie and gave it to Ron and Lavendar!

But i have to agree with @CherylSneed, Molly is one tough witch. Having to raise all those children even with magic must have been a nearly impossible task in itself. Its a statement JK Rowling makes about celebrating motherhood and making people realize how raising children is a huge and rewarding job that should not make you less qualified then someone with a "professional" job. And there is a slight bit of insanity that comes with being a mom... seeing as she is fit to take on a real maniac like Bellatrix.
4. bch238
I'm just worried about what they are going to do about the student underground movement and final fight, especially since they left Luna and Neville (the leader of the student movement) out of the big important fight at the end of the 6th movement. I just don't know how they are going to pull off the final battle!
5. Frances Pauli
Wow. Thanks so much for sharing that. One thing it looks like they are going to continue to do well is to feature Snape's story/struggle. That was the thing that struck me the most about part one, his inner torture. I apreciated seeing the depth in his character, though the credit there may have to go to Rickman's acting too. ;-)
Now I can't wait!

6. mama24boys
If you want to look at the 'romantic' aspect of the Harry Potter series, I find the growth and development of the Ron/Hermione relationship to be something I've enjoyed following. I think Ron's character arc was a realistic portrayal of a teenage boy's path toward eventual maturity (having 4 sons, I know a little something about boys) - teasing the girl you secretly like, jealous pouting, insecurity, and eventually accepting his own feelings for her -- and believing in her feelings for him.

They are the classic 'opposites attract' who serve to complete one another (as JKR has pointed out). Ron was willing to die for Hermione (the chapter where he sobbed for her at Malfoy Manor was so gripping) and his greatest fear was her loving another and finding him unworthy - to the point it poisoned his mind (Thanks Voldemort!).

I hate to see the films end -- though I'm thrilled to finally see Ron and Hermione kiss.
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